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Best Toddler Travel Bed: 5 Portable, Quality Beds

A toddler travel bed is part of the essential kit you need when traveling with your little one to ensure they have a comfortable, decent night’s sleep, with minimal fuss on your part. The good new is, the best toddler travel bed doesn’t have to cost a

How Big Is a Three Quarter Size Bed and Mattress

A three quarter size bed is 4ft wide, or 120cm. Often just simply listed as four foot beds, or three quarter beds, they are becoming more popular all the time as I will explain in more detail throughout this article. This size of bed is larger than a standard

Bamboo Pillow Cases Uk Standards

If you haven’t already switched from regular cotton pillow cases to bamboo it’s time to consider doing so. There is now a lot of choice when it comes to Bamboo pillow cases UK standards. They are incredibly soft, luxurious, smooth and comfortable and the moment you rest

What Is a Sprung Base Divan Bed

Sprung base divan beds, also known as sprung edge divan bases, have either an open coil or pocket sprung system on the top of the divan. They are considered a more luxurious alternative to the firm divan bases. This article is going to cover what is a

Rio Designer Bed with Bluetooth USB SD and Radio Review

A designer bed with Bluetooth USB SD and radio may not be on the top of your search list. But after reading the specs of this bed and realizing you can pick it up for less than £200 you might just change your mind. Not only does

What Is an Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds are a modern equivalent to a divan base. They offer some great storage, usually more storage than a divan base. You access the storage by lifting up the whole top of the bed and mattress. It’s easier than it sounds, and if you haven’t seen

4ft6 (135cm) Double Shaker Wooden Bed Frame

4ft6 (135cm) Double Shaker Wooden Bed Frame If you’re looking for a wooden double bed, this bed is one of the best when it comes to value for money. Coming in at around £100, being solid pine this is exceptional value. It has a clear lacquer finish,

Venice Faux Leather Sofabed Suite Settee with Chrome Feet (Brown)

This faux leather sofabed is one of the more affordable, higher quality models on the market place. It's at home in any modern, or classic decorated apartment or house. With a beautiful soft feeling, but hard-wearing faux leather with stunning polished chrome feet.

Storage Ottoman Gas Lift Up Bed Frame

Ottoman gas lift beds offer a number of features, making them popular choices for the modern home. More than just a divan, or a bed frame. Ottoman gas lift beds give easy to access storage, the gas lift assists opening the bed so you don’t have to

Double Divan Bed Base

If you're looking for a double divan bed base then this is one of the best examples of value for money you'll find. It's a no frills double divan bed base, but that's what you're looking for right? Especially if you are looking at the lower end