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Can Mice Climb into Beds?

If you’ve seen signs of mice in your home and have a bit of a phobia of these cute little creatures you’re probably wondering, ‘can mice climb into beds?’ This is when most people are scared of mice as they know that they come out at night.

Essential Oils for Dust Mites: A Natural Way to Reduce Allergies

If your allergies are keeping you awake at night the most likely reason is going to be dust mites hiding out in your mattress, bedding, pillow, and pillow cover. Don’t worry, it’s not because you’ve not been dusting enough that you have dust mites. In fact, just

Where to Buy Buckwheat Hulls

If you’re in trying to find out where to buy buckwheat hulls to refill your pillow, mattress, Zafu, or anything else you have that’s filled with buckwheat, I picked up a big bag from Amazon that did the job (see below). I use a buckwheat filled pillow

How Many Pounds of Buckwheat Hulls to Make a Zafu?

If you’re wondering how many pounds of buckwheat hulls to make a Zafu or refill your meditation cushion then you’re going to need between 4-5 lbs (around 2 kilos) for a regular size cushion. There is no exact answer as meditation cushions come in various sizes and weights.

Best Earplugs for Sleeping with a Snorer: 4 Top Picks

If you sleep next to a snorer you’re not alone. There are around 15 million people in the UK that snore. Which is why I put together this best earplugs for sleeping with a snorer list! Another interesting fact next to the number of snorers is that

Should You Eat Coconut Oil Before Bed? Here is the Rundown

Coconut oil is one of the less common superfoods, yet eating a little of this oil rich in fatty acids and nutrition has a wide range of positive health benefits. If you’re wondering, should you eat coconut oil before bed or if it’s better at a different

Should You Drink Green Tea Before Bed? Here Is the Rundown

We have to be careful what we eat or drink before bed as it can affect how well we sleep and our health. A question that has come up before is, should you drink green tea before bed? Green tea has some wonderful and unique benefits over

Best Wicking Pajamas: Options for Men and Women to Stay Cool

If you’re struggling to sleep because you get too hot and damp during the night this article might just be the help you’ve been looking for. I’m sure you’ve tried sleeping with a bedroom fan, using a cooling pillow, a cool mattress or topper, but have you