Is It Bad to Leave Pomade in Your Hair Overnight?

Like most styling or fashion products, pomade has gone in and out of fashion over the years and seems to be currently seeing a rise in popularity.

It’s a heavy duty product, however. Ideally, we would always wash it out at the end of the day, but it’s just not always possible.

So it raises the question – is it bad to leave pomade in your hair overnight?

The bad news is, yes. It’s not a good idea to leave pomade in your hair while you sleep.

Most are oil based products and can cause some problems for both the quality of your hair and your skin as I’ll explain in more detail in this article.

What Is Pomade?

Pomade is often used as a general term for men’s hair products. Originally it was an oil-based product that gave hair that oily, shiny, slick look you associate with 60’s rock n roll hairstyles.

Nowadays there are various pomade products that can give hair a different look and style based on your hair type. Typically you end up with that slick look and feel though and that’s the look we associate pomade with.

Does Pomade Cause Hair to Fall Out?

You may have noticed hair trapped in your comb while combing in pomade and had a freakout moment that the product is causing your hair to fall out.

Stop panicking, it’s not pomade!

The hair you see falling out is likely to be the hair that would have come loose during the day anyway.

But seeing as you’re combing an oily product through your hair you’re seeing it all be combed out as the oil makes it all stick together.

If you have naturally thin hair it’s going to look like you have less hair too. Pomade slicks your hair down and gives the impression of having less hair.

Your Pomade Might Be Causing Your Acne

Leaving pomade in your hair overnight can cause acne. If this isn’t reason enough to put in the effort to wash it out, I’m not sure what is.

Pomade is an oily product, and we all know that oils are not good for our skin. It will clog up your pores, trap dirt and grease in them, and cause a breakout of acne.

If you’re reading this thinking you will just sleep in a position that doesn’t rub any of the product into the skin on your face, it’s not going to happen.

You should know all too well how pomade has a habit of transferring to everything it comes into contact with and spreading.

You’ll get it all over your pillow, duvet cover, it’ll travel down your neck, forehead, and keep spreading that sticky mess.

If you want clear and clean skin you better hit the shower and give your head a througher massage with a good shampoo to get all the pomade out.

Plus, pomade should be used to correct and style bedhead. Sleeping with it in can give you the kind of bedhead from hell that you’ll have to wrestle with to get under control.

You’ll Regret It When You Look at Your Pillow

Another reason why you shouldn’t sleep with a head of pomade is the mess it’ll make of your pillow and bedding.

Some of the oil-based products can be extremely stubborn to wash out and even leave a stain behind afterward if you have a light colored pillowcase.

Combine this with a hot and sweaty night and you can wake up to a sticky mess, it’s really the last thing you want after a heavy night before.

Not to mention it’s a turn off for your partner too. They don’t want to roll over and spoon into a face full of pomade, right?

Final Thoughts

There you have it. A few reasons why you should wash pormade, and any other hair products out of your hair before you go to sleep.

Otherwise, you’ll wake up to a scene that looks like an oil bomb has exploded on your pillow, your hair will be sticking up like you’ve been electrocuted, you’ll be breaking out in acne, and you’ll be in the dog house with your partner.

Is it really worth it….?