What Bed Does Hilton Use in Their Hotels?

Stayed at a Hilton Hotel and never forgot how comfortable the bed felt and what a wonderful night’s sleep you had?

If you’re wondering, what bed does Hilton use in their hotels – you’re in luck.

I can show you exactly what beds and bedding the Hilton use to provide that comfortable experience. And, they sell all their beds and bedding so you can pick up what you want and have your own Hilton bed at home.

I’ve stayed in a few Hilton Hotels over the last few years and always had a great night’s sleep. They are one of the higher-end Hotel chains and as you’ll see, their beds are superior quality.

Hilton Mattress and Box Spring

Hilton Bed UK Matress and Bedding

Hilton’s beds and mattresses are custom designed for Hilton by Serta. They have extra coil support and features a unique design that prevents the breakdown of the edges of the mattress to keep the mattress in top condition longer.

The mattresses are designed to be easily flipped for use on the other side too. This adds life to the mattresses and keeps the feel comfortable and fresh when flipped on a regular basis. Important for a hotel mattress that’s going to see all types of body shape and size and retain its comfort as long as possible.

Hilton Mattress Toppers

You may have noticed a mattress topper on your bed when you were staying at a Hilton. Mattress toppers are commonly used in hotel’s to give mattresses a softer feel and protect them as well.

Hilton to Home have three different toppers for sale:

Mattress Pad – These 8” diamond-quilted mattress pads helps to protect your mattress and wear and tear while providing a comfortable layer to sleep on.

Featherbed – An allergen-free, duck feather filled pad with a soft 100% cotton material. The stitching keeps the filling in place for a superbly comfortable experience.

Featherbed Protector – This protector has moisture wicking and odor resistant properties. It’s easy to remove and wash, perfect for hotels to keep their mattresses clean and just as good at home if you want to pick one up.

You can purchase all these items that Hilton Hotels use in their rooms at hiltontohome.com. Allowing you to bring that comfortable sleep you’ll find at the Hilton to your own bedroom.

Images courtesy/source hiltontohome.com.