5’0 King Size Memory foam Mattress with Open Coil Spring System

5’0 King Size Memory Foam Mattress with Open Coil Spring System

This mattress is one of the best 5’0 king size memory foam mattress for its price on the market. Buying a quality king size memory foam mattress for around £100 is almost unheard of.

With overwhelming good feedback on Amazon of 4.8 stars out of 5, and a lot of positive feedback this will probably be the mattress for you. Customers who have already bought this product report very high standards of quality, and a great nights sleep.

Why Switch to Memory Foam?

A lot of people still have never experienced memory foam, it’s something you absolutely need to try. If you have always slept on ‘normal’ coil sprung mattresses and have no issues at all, ok there may be no need to swap. But I have never heard of anyone switch to memory foam and then go back.

This particular 5’0 King Size Memory foam mattress has a coil spring system too. This means that the base uses some springs, but the foam layer is on the top. So you don’t feel any of the springs, and you get all the benefit of a memory foam mattress.

Value for Money

Being a part coil spring, part foam mattress, you’re getting great value for money with this product. It has a high level of build quality too, and the feedback suggests this will be a long lasting mattress.

You can add life to mattress by caring for them appropriately. Be sure to only spin these mattresses though, never flip them over. No only because these model has a sprung under-half, but normal memory foam too only can only be spun.

Pros of This 5’0 King Size Memory Foam Mattress

  • Dense memory foam of 4cm
  • Total depth of mattress is 25cm
  • Quality build and reliable feedback
  • Soft, luxurious quilted cover
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