Beautyrest vs Sealy Mattress Reviews & Comparison

Two of the biggest players when it comes to quality mattresses are Beautyrest and Sealy. Between them they have some of the highest rated and bestselling mattresses. If you’re in the market for a new mattresses, looking at Beautyrest vs Sealy is a tough decision.

There are some differences however, and if you give me a few minutes of your time I can help you decide which brand is perfect for you. A perfect night’s sleep awaits you, check out these comparisons.

3 of the Best Beautyrest Mattresses

Beautyrest Recharge Shakespeare Firm Mattress

Beautyrest Recharge Luxury Firm Mattress Only QueenThe Beautyrest Recharge is a firm bed with support and comfort at the top of it’s priorities. The Aircool technology means you are going to have a comfortable night’s sleep in summer. As well as keeping warm in winter.

There is of course the Pocketed Coil and Independent Support systems for that patented comfort that the Beautyrest range has. The mesh material add extra breath-ability, and finishes off with a strong and comfortable fabric.

  • No turn necessary
  • Air Cool Foam
  • Layers of comfort and support
  • Ventilated side ducts

Beautyrest Phenom Crossover Plush Mattress


Beautyrest Phenom Crossover Plush MattressThis next-gen mattress will give you a great night’s sleep. The 3D foam helps to let your body rest in comfort, while being fully supported and taking weight off your joints.

There are layers of foam, latex, gel and memory foam. All packed within one mattress and carefully formulated to provide the maximum possible comfort.

  • Beautyrest 3D foam
  • High-performance stretchable fabric
  • Aircool for temperature regulating
  • Rotate only, no flip necessary

Beautyrest Recharge Plush PillowTop Mattress

Beautyrest Recharge Plush PillowTop MattressAn individually pocketed coil mattress with 14 inch height. It has all the quality trimmings of the Beautyrest range, so it’s a quality mattress all-round.

The Geltouch form gives you that soft layer on top that molds with your body shape and provides an individual and comfortable sleep. It has mesh fabric and breathes to keep you cool even when the weather is hot.

  • Gel touch for added comfort
  • Latex band for added back support
  • Breathable mesh fabric to regulate temperature
  • Handles to help adjust, but no flipping needed buy button Note 10/03/17 – Looks like this Mattress is no longer in stock, links take you to a similar mattress.

Simmons Bedding Company and Their Beautyrest Line

The parent company behind the Beautyrest line of products is Simmons Bedding Company. Simmons have a huge portfolio of products and have been producing mattresses for well over 100 years.

The Beautyrest line was first launched in the 1920’s, and the fact that they are still making top selling items now it testament to how much time has gone into the development of the line. As well as how well received and rated the mattresses are.

They were among the first manufacturers to make pocket sprung beds that really made a difference to weight distribution and transferring weight. Giving couple’s a better night’s sleep with less disturbance when the other person moves.

What Makes Beautyrest Special?

The real difference is where it matters – in the materials. The memory foam is their own Recharge Memory Foam Plus technology. It’s a clear cut above regular memory foam, offering a high level of support and comfort. Taking pressure off joints and molding perfectly to the contours of your body.

As you are probably aware, the only real drawback to memory foam for most is that the material holds heat and gets too warm for some people. The Memory Foam Plus has been designed with AirCool Max and a layer of Gel support to deal with this problem. Allowing the material to regulate a lower temperature.

Without going to deep into the technical side, the material regulates temperature by using micro-diamond technology. Making it a more conductive material and a lot more comfortable to sleep on.

If this wasn’t enough, their mattresses have a layer of gel support. Over 700 little cushions of foam that react and move with your body to spread your weight and take stress off your body. Who would have thought so much engineering and research had gone in to these mattresses, right?

The Beautyrest Black Mattress Line

I can’t talk about Beautyrest without giving you some of the details on their Black line. The models in this range are luxurious and include all the technology that goes into their top-end models as discussed above.

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s going to be a smart investment, and I mean this by guaranteeing the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had – you need to take a look at this range. As well as the Advanced Pocketed Coil system, GelTouch and AirCool, Simmons use luxury materials such as alpaca, silk and wool. Giving them a touch as soft as you can find anywhere.

3 of the Best Sealy Mattresses

Sealy Casoli 1200 Mattress

Sealy Casoli 1200 MattressThis mattress has Sealy latex to give a close and comfortable feel to your body while you’re laying down. It’s cooler than memory foam, and has natural antibacterial properties.

It’s safe for allergy sufferers the fillers is fiber and 100% man made. It’s a very durable mattress and has stretchable fabric to help it breathe and makes it more durable.

  • 4cm of latex for superior support and feel
  • 1200 pocket springs for motion distribution
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Temperature regulating

Sealy Posturepedic Luxury Feel Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Luxury Feel MattressSealy’s best selling range are their Posturepedic mattresses. This luxury feel model has a massive 1400 individual pocket springs, a 7 zone support system, and a pillow top for some serious high-end luxury.

It comprises of several different fiber layers. Including latex, smart fibers, pocket springs and finished with a soft knit quilted cover. It’s great value, it’s one of the most popular sellers in the UK, and a great night’s sleep awaits you.

  • Easy care and no turn
  • Flag stitches handles for extra support
  • 7 Zone pillow top
  • 10 year warranty

Sealy Lexington Zoned Memory Pillow Top Mattress

Sealy Lexington Zoned Memory Pillow Top MattressThis mattress is a micro quilted euro cushion top mattress with a decent depth of 31cm. It’s filling is made up from seven zones of foam and supported by Sealy’s Posturetech 660 spring system.

It also has edge to edge support to keep the edges of the mattress from sagging or causing you to roll off. The fabric is breathable, easy to clean and eco-friendly.

  • Easy rotate with reinforced handles
  • Anti-allergy properties
  • Edge to edge support for maximum sleeping area
  • Great value for money buy button

A Little Background on Sealy

Sealy is the second largest manufactures of mattresses in the US. Like Simmons, their history goes back a long way, to the 1880’s in fact. With their most notable range being the Posturepedic mattress.

The company are also known for the original box spring, and the innerspring coil patents. Along with a long list of innovative and interesting other designs, tweaks, and changes, bringing people more comfortable mattresses than previously experienced.

Sealy iGel Mattress Series

The iGel range of mattresses combine comfort, support, and value. They developed the range to offer people who like memory form another option, and a material that stays cool in the summer.

It’s an incredibly versatile form of mattress filler. Offering a high level of support by working with the contours of your body, as well as absorbing the weight and stress off your joints.

There are several layers to this model. Below the iGel top, there is a layer of memory foam for added support. Below this there is a Polycore system that absorbs the compression and completes the whole experience.

Sealy Innerspring Mattress Series

The Sealy Innerspring Series are designed with alters of soft quilting, wrapped in a strong fabric. They also have a gel foam topper to combine comfort and durability. They are everything you want from a mattress, comfortable, cool, and great value.

There are a few different options within the range, so you can find the perfect choice with a little browsing. Along with the core set of features, you can also choose between different coil types and depth of support. Some people prefer, or need much firmer feels, and this is taken care of.

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Series

The Sealy Posturepedic range is their most well-known. There are a number of mattresses within the range and they offer absolutely superb value, along with being incredibly comfortable.

The models in this range are designed around four different layers of material. On the bottom of the mattress there is a CoreSupport Center, providing a stable base to absorb all the compression. Above this are the Embrace coils, which is a Sealy technology enclosing coils individually cased to absorb all the motion transfer.

Just below the top layer there are several layers of foam, and on top of this you have the cooling, soft fabric. Good quality, breathable fabric is incredibly important. All together making the famous Posturepedic feel, years of research and development in the making.

Beautyrest vs Sealy in Summary

I’ve compared, reviewed, and testing hundreds of mattresses and there is always a certain x-factor that’s hard to put a finger on. Both of these brands have that. Maybe it’s the decades of continually improving and developing new mattresses, listening to customers, and being driven by being the best they possibly can be that sets these brands apart from the others.

With so many quality mattresses from each manufacture there are a lot of options. The main consideration needs to be what you are looking for and your budget. Beautyrest have a much higher ceiling for cost and luxury. But the Sealy Posturepedic is going to give anyone a supreme night’s sleep.

Browse the models above and see where it takes you. Either way, you will not be disappointed.