Side Sleepers – What Type of Mattress Is Best

Side Sleepers, side sleeping, or sleeping on your side is a perfectly normal and healthy way to sleep. In this position your spine is resting in a natural posture, and with the right mattress you are getting good support. But what type of mattress is best for side sleepers? There are some factors to take into consideration when choosing a mattress or a topper.

Ideally you want a mattress that fits the contours of your spine to add support. While also being comfortable and offering the kind of feel you are looking for.

Medium firmness, pocket sprung, memory foam and firmer mattresses with a pillow top work best when it comes to helping side sleepers stay comfortable. You have quite a few options, so don’t worry you will find the perfect mattress with a little effort.

Make Sure the Mattress Is Comfortable and Supportive

Softer mattresses are able to offer a much higher level of support nowadays. With the inclusion of toppers like memory foam and latex, you can have a softer feel from the mattress with a firmer and more supportive body.

If you don’t want your mattress to feel soft you have plenty of options for medium firmness options. The most important thing is that you are finding a mattress with a comfortable top feel. While your spine is being supported as you sleep on your side.

Is Sleeping on Your Side Good for Your Health?

Sleeping on your side has proven beneficial for patients with obstructive sleep apnoea, snoring, back pain, neck pain, and pregnancy. The way it soothes back pain is by elongating the spine. This relieves some of the pressure pushing on the vertebrae, and can help with trapped nerve pain.

Side sleepers


People who sleep next to someone who snores will be pleased to hear side sleeping can help reduce snoring. The position opens up the oropharynx, which is the middle part of the throat that can become obstructed and cause the loud snoring noise. Or at least contribute to the overall symptoms.

So are there any drawbacks? One concern is that having side of your face pressed on a pillow can cause premature wrinkles. Make sure your pillow is soft and comfortable while offering enough support for your neck.

Should Side Sleepers Sleep on Their Right Side or Their Left Side?

Most side sleepers sleep on whichever side is the most comfortable and find it hard to change their habits. There is some evidence to suggest the side you sleep on has different effects on your health.

For example, sleeping on your right side can cause heartburn to worsen if you already suffer with this condition. While sleeping on your left side can put pressure on your internal organs like the lungs, liver and stomach.

If you are experiencing interrupted sleep or not feeling like you are getting a good night’s sleep, you will need to look at your sleeping position. You can change your sleeping habits with a little work. But with a combination of the right mattress and sleeping on your right chosen side. You can get that perfect night’s sleep.