Quilted Mattresses: How They Differ to Tufted

Tufted mattresses tend to be looked at as older type designs of mattress, and quilted mattresses as more modern. While tufting does go back a long way, this isn’t the case. Many mattresses today still have tufting as their filler. Tuft are very effective at keeping all the internal parts of a mattress in place, and providing a comfortable feel.

A quality tufted mattress is no more likely to cause the person using it discomfort than any other type of mattress. The plastic ends are well protected by other fillings and they will not stick out and cause a problem.

However, with all this in mind there are other options on the market that some people just simply prefer the feel and look of. Quilted mattresses are probably just as popular, and they eliminate the potential problems with tufts and uncomfortable problems.

Quilted Mattresses

A quilter mattress has a much smoother finish to the surface. So it’s softer to the touch. It really comes down to preference, if you have seen each type of mattress you will form an opinion of which you prefer.

Quilting is the process of how the outer fabric is attached to the fillings in the mattress. So you can still have any type of filling you want. Quilted finishes are most commonly used with open spring mattresses however.

Tufted Mattresses

Tufting is the process of passing tufts, also known as tapes, through the mattress at different intervals to help hold the mattress fillings in place. It’s a vital part of the construction of the mattress, and without the tufts being carefully placed the mattress would fall apart.

Pocket sprung fillings are most commonly used with a tufted construction. Due to the way individual pocket springs are placed in a mattress, they need to be held together by tufts. A layer of foam or other comfortable topping is then placed on top of the mattress to add extra comfort.

Other Mattress Surfaces Available

Although quilted and tufted mattress covers are the most popular, there are other options on the market. These are damask and knit and are described as the following.


Damask mattress finish

Damask is a material with a cool and smooth finish. Recommended for people who want a cooler surface to sleep on. The material is made from wool, linen, silk, cotton and synthetic fibers.


Knit is a counterpart of velvet. It has stretchy properties and has a rich velvety feel. This finish is recommended for people who suffer with allergies. This material has anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial properties.

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