Octaspring Mattress Topper Review & Coupon Code

You may have seen the Octaspring Mattress Topper being advertised on TV. The advert seems to always come on, and there are quite a few claims in there, so is this topper really as good as they say?

Let’s take a good look and find out…

Octaspring Mattress Topper Review & Coupon Code

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The Octaspring Is ‘Body-Zoned’

Dormeo say that the Octaspring Topper is Body-Zoned. So how is this different to a normal memory foam mattress topper?

There is a unique design to the Octaspring. Normal memory foam is just a constant layer of foam, or the topper is made from different layers of foam.

The Octaspring comprises of individual memory foam springs. Much like a pocket spring mattress these work by providing great support all over your body as the springs can react individually to pressure.

The springs are also different density in different zones of the mattress too. Hence the body-zoned term. It’s an interesting design and makes perfect sense, our shoulders and back require a different level of support than our legs for example.

There are five different body zones in total as illustrated on the image below:

The Octaspring Is ‘Body-Zoned’

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The Octaspring Is 8 Times More Breathable Than Other Toppers

This is quite a statement. I can’t find any scientific evidence to back up this claim, however I don’t doubt the Octaspring is more breathable than the average memory foam topper.

The main complaint about memory foam is that it can get too hot. While there are a number of things you can do to try and cool down the foam, better airflow from the foam itself is a much better option.

Because this topper is not a solid foam construction but rather a collection of foam springs, there is much more room for airflow. This is a really good benefit, I know I find memory foam too warm in the summer months myself.

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Is the Octaspring Better Than Regular Memory Foam?

The Octaspring by Dormeo is an innovative type of topper that actually deals with the problems normal memory foam toppers have.

It keeps cooler than standard foam, and although normal memory foam is excellent at supporting your body the individual foam springs bring a new level to this.

The five body zones offering different levels of support is also a great feature.

You can rotate the topper head to two to even out the use, and at 7cm deep it’s a decent layer of support that’ll make a huge difference to your sleeping experience.

Do You Need a Memory Foam Topper?

If you find your current mattress uncomfortable adding a topper might solve all your problems.

Toppers are thin layers of support designed to be placed on top of a mattress to change the feel, offer better support, and most of all give you a good night’s sleep and rid you of any aches and pains.

There is also the benefit of toppers costing much less than mattresses. This is particularly true with memory foam. Memory foam mattresses can cost hundreds, even thousands of pounds, while a good topper made from the same materials will be less than half the price usually.

Getting a good night’s sleep and not waking up with aches and pains should be your top priority. If you’re less than comfortable right now, it’s time to buy a mattress topper.

The Dormeo Octaspring is one of the best toppers on the market. If you’re after a supreme level of comfort and want a cool, supportive topper you should definitely consider it.

Dormeo Coupon Code and Offers

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You’ll also notice they have a 60-day Night Comfort Guarantee. This means if you’re not completely satisfied you can return your mattress.