Best Pillow for Toddlers – 5 Picks to Have Them Sleeping Like a Baby

It’s amazing how fast toddlers seem to grow up. The day when your little one needs their first pillow might not be as important as their first steps, or the first time they say ‘mama’. But it’s important to get the best pillow for toddlers to ensure they have a great night’s sleep.

There are almost as many options as adult pillows, but it doesn’t need to be confusing. I have reviewed five of the best toddler pillows in this article and I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Quick Summary: 5 of the Best Pillows for Toddlers

PillowPriceOur Rating
Cushy Anti-Allergy Toddler Pillow££4.5/5
Clevamama Clevafoam Toddler Pillow£££4.5/5
Roma Anti-Allergy Baby/Toddler Pillow£££4/5
Homescapes Extremely Soft Kids Pillow£££4.5/5
Ready Steady Bed Cotbed Toddler Pillow£4/5

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Why Do You Need a Specific Type of Pillow for Young Children?

I’m sure you’ve tried a few different pillows before and felt how different they are and how much support they give. This is equally, if not more important for young children.

If you give them a regular pillow designed for an adult it will not offer the type of support they need. A growing toddler needs the correct support to ensure they develop good posture and avoid bad habits being established early on.

What Age Do Toddlers Have Pillows?

It’s going to vary from child to child and is largely down to your decision as a parent. There are some signs to look out for however that may mean it’s time to introduce a pillow to your child.

Look for the following signs;

  • Your child is waking up more often in the night.
  • They are finding things to rest their heads on.
  • They are taking longer to fall asleep.

Typically you will start to see these signs when your toddlers are more than a year old. Between 12-24 months you will almost certainly have to introduce a pillow.

The reason you introduce a pillow is to provide support to your toddlers head and fill the gap between their shoulders, neck, and head. Keep an eye on your little one and if you see the need to start using a pillow, test one out.

What to Look for When Choosing a Pillow for Your Toddler

So, you know you need a pillow, now you need to choose the best possible pillow to ensure the best night’s sleep and good posture development for your little one. Here are a few things to consider:

Pillow Filler

Pillows come with lots of different filling materials. Most are filled with memory foam, synthetic materials, down, and feathers. Each type of filling has its own feel and benefits, a lot of your choice will come down to preference.

Memory foam is nice and quiet for example, but can retain a lot of heat. While synthetic fillings are often quite noisy and can disturb light sleepers, but they have better airflow and provide great comfort.


You may have noticed a lot of pillows and bedding being labeled as hypoallergenic. This means the materials used are much less likely to cause allergic reactions, something to be mindful of when introducing pillows to toddlers.

I’d always go for hypoallergenic pillows. It’s better to be safe than sorry and doesn’t affect the price or quality of pillows in any way,


This is probably the toughest part. You’re going to have to buy a pillow that you think will be suitable and see how well your toddler takes to it. The pillows I’ve reviewed here hit a sweet spot between comfort and support.

Type of Pillow Cover

Manufacturers making pillows specifically for toddlers know how important it is to use hypoallergenic and organic materials to ensure a safe and comfortable sleep.

Cotton is a popular choice as it’s comfortable and breathable. While bamboo is a luxury choice. Make sure they are easily washable too, we all know how easily kids can make a mess.

5 of the Best Pillows for Young Children with Reviews

PillowPriceOur Rating
Cushy Anti-Allergy Toddler Pillow££4.5/5
Clevamama Clevafoam Toddler Pillow£££4.5/5
Roma Anti-Allergy Baby/Toddler Pillow£££4/5
Homescapes Extremely Soft Kids Pillow£££4.5/5
Ready Steady Bed Cotbed Toddler Pillow£4/5

*The links above will take you over to Amazon where you can see customer feedback and the latest prices and offers.

Cushy Anti-Allergy Toddler Pillow

Cushy Anti-Allergy Toddler PillowThis pillow comes with a duvet too which is a bonus but not necessarily going to be used yet. Being one of the more popular toddler pillows there are plenty of happy little heads laying on these overnight.

Your little one will be really happy to see one of these in their cot/bed. It’s filled with anti-allergy hollowfibre material, so it’s more on the softer side and allows plenty of airflow through to keep your toddler nice and cool.

The pillow measures 36cm x 58cm and being hypoallergenic you don’t need to be concerned about allergic reactions. The fabric is poly-cotton, and it’s easy to clean by spot dabbing or running through the washer. buy button

Clevamama Clevafoam Toddler Pillow

Clevamama Clevafoam Toddler PillowYou can tell this pillow from Clevamama has been designed for toddlers as it’s much thinner than a regular memory foam pillow. It still provides excellent support, and being memory foam it retains its shape.

The sales info says it’s scientifically proven to be better for your little one. It reduces cranium pressure by 50% and increases support by 80% over regular pillows. Reducing the chance of flat head syndrome. Pretty impressive.

The measurements are 50cm x 32cm. It’s designed to breathe well, removes moisture from your child, and an important point for all parents – it’s fully washable.

Clevamama also sell blue and pink pillow cases if you want to color code with the sex of your child. A nice little touch, and if like me you like to have a spare cover or two on hand, even better. buy button

Roma Anti-Allergy Baby/Toddler Pillow

Roma Anti-Allergy Baby Toddler PillowThis anti-allergy microfiber cot bed pillow from Roma is another popular choice on the market. It’s a thin pillow and ideal for a small toddlers first pillow.

It’s fully breathable, has double stitching, self-piped edging, and the microfibre fabric has as lovely soft touch. The microfibre polyester filling is soft but offers all the support your child is going to need.

The measurements are 50cm x 36cm. You can put the pillow in your washing machine at 40 degrees to give it a thorough wash or spot clean with a cloth. buy button

Homescapes Extremely Soft Kids Pillow

Homescapes Extremely Soft Kids PillowThis toddler pillow from Homescapes falls into the luxury part of the market. It’s packed with a super microfiber filling and is a little thicker than most typical toddler pillows but delivers a really soft and comfortable sleep.

The fabric is anti dust mite and hypoallergenic so it’s unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. The 260 thread count and super microfibre filling helps to keep your little one cool, and is also nice and soft to the touch.

The measurements are 40cm x 60cm and it can be washed on a low temperature or in warm water. It’s not recommended for tumble drying however, so let it dry out naturally to avoid clumping the filling. buy button

Ready Steady Bed Cotbed Toddler Pillow

Ready Steady Bed Cotbed Toddler PillowI always like to find a few products that are made in the UK when rounding up the best of the best. It’s good to support local manufacturers, and when the products are also top-notch it’s awesome.

This toddler pillow is a little thicker than some of the other pillows I’ve reviewed so it’s going to come down to personal preference if it’s more or less suitable. One drawback is that it tends to absorb and retain moisture, so sweaty kids may find it a little less comfortable.

The measurements are 40cm x 60cm. It’s finished in a high-quality cotton cover and can be easily washed at home by hand and you can tumble dry at a cool temperature without damaging it. buy button