Latex Pillow Thailand 100% Natural Latex Review

Latex pillows are becoming more popular, and after switching to this pillow a few months ago I’ve been converted and will not be going back to a memory foam pillow.

This Latex Pillow made with 100% natural Thailand latex offers benefits no other materials can. Most importantly the support and a quality of sleep that also can’t be matched in my opinion.

So what’s the catch? There’s always a catch when something is this good and I’m not going to pretend there isn’t.

Latex pillows are more expensive than other materials like memory foam, down, etc. But, they are worth every penny for the comfort and quality of sleep. They really are.

Latex Pillow – Thailand 100% Natural Latex Review

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As you can see from the picture this pillow has a unique design. It has lots of nodes on the top surface where you lay your head. This gives a really soothing massage-type experience, as well as allowing plenty of airflow to help keep you cool.

The biggest issue with memory foam has always been how hot the foam is. Latex is also a dense material, but with the nodes on top of this pillow and the holes in the underside being too warm is not an issue.

This pillow has a contour design. So you have the option to sleep with the tall contour at the base of your neck, or the shorter contour if that’s more comfortable.

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I love contour pillows, they offer a lot more cervical support than normal pillows and with the latex conforming to the curves of your neck it’s a perfect fit for almost everyone.

Latex is naturally antimicrobial and mildew proof. It resists dust mites and other harmful bacteria, so you can sleep easy on your pillow knowing your face isn’t resting on any harmful nasties.

If you’re new to latex pillows and haven’t used one you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

If you need any more convincing that you should switch to a latex pillow. Here are some of the typical benefits:

Benefits of Sleeping on a Latex Pillow

Benefits of Sleeping on a Latex Pillow

Breathable – As illustrated above, latex pillows are more breathable than memory foam and especially if they have holes added for more airflow.

Do not absorb moisture – Latex doesn’t absorb moisture. If you sleep hot and sweat a lot they wick away moisture and are easy to clean.

Long-lasting – Latex may be more expensive than memory foam, but it lasts a lot longer and there is a good argument that they offer better value for money. Expect 5+ years of use without a latex pillow losing its shape.

Naturally Hypoallergenic – Latex is perfect for allergy sufferers. If you’re aggravated by allergen-inhibiting your breathing and reducing the quality of your sleep latex can give you much-needed relief.

Excellent support – The main reason for choosing a pillow should be for how supportive it is. Latex pillows provide excellent support. They respond and conform to the contours of your neck and shoulders like memory foam, while being more durable, cooler, and holding their shape better.