Headboard Sizes: The Complete UK Guide

Headboards come in all shapes and sizes. There is nothing more frustrating that choosing the perfect looking headboard you’ve been after, only to find it doesn’t fit your bed properly. It doesn’t need to be confusing however. There are some standard headboard sizes, and they are designed to fit UK bed sizes perfectly.

Of course there are all kinds of bespoke designs and styles. I will look at these later in this article. Let’s cover the standard sizes first, here are the standard UK sizes of bed and the headboard sizes designed to fit perfectly with them.

Headboard Sizes and Fixing Points

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Will My Old Headboard Fit My New Bed?

Headboard fixing width and size

If your old bed was one of the standard UK sizes above and your new bed is the same size, there shouldn’t be a problem. Manufacturers all use the same fixings width for this exact reason.

European size beds are slightly different sizes and this is something to be very careful of when choosing your headboard sizes. They are similar but your headboard will not fit a European size. There is no simple way to adjust the headboard either, so you will have to buy one to fit your bed size.

How Do I Fit a Headboard to My Bed?

Fitting an headboard is about as easy as it gets. The standard style of headboard comes with struts. It may also comes with the screws, but these often come with the bed and can be found fixed into the back.

The reason headboards are on struts is to allow them to slide up and down. So you can find the perfect height for the headboard and make adjustments as needed if you buy a thicker mattress for example.

With large headboard sizes I recommend using the help of another person, it will make the job a lot easier if you can hold one end each. You need to slide both struts down at the same time and tighten the bolts when it’s in position. So it’s definitely easier with two.

Some headboards are wall mounted. If this is the case you should call a professional, unless you are a keen DIY enthusiast of course.

How Big Is a Queen Size Headboard?

Headboard nuts and bolts fixingsA queen size bed is 183cm/6ft wide. The general rule of thumb is that a headboard should be around 7.5cm/3″ wider than each side of the mattress. So a queen size headboard will typically be around 200cm wide.

The height of headboards vary a lot and this really comes down to preference and taste. Again, there is a general rule of thumb here which is around 90cm/35″ height. But modern designs of beds and headboards moving further and further away from the standard sizes with their elaborate designs.

Different Types and Finishes of Headboard

Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered Headboard UK Size

Upholstered headboards offer the most versatile and varying range of looks and options. A nice, plush upholstered headboard can be a focal point of a bedroom. It can bring warmth and comfort to a room and with custom designs you can match the decor of the room perfectly.

You can choose a round edged, square, custom-cut, the choices are almost endless. Any colour and pattern can be used with the material and they can be very affordable. Which is why upholstered headboards are the most popular choices on the market.

If you care about the overall look and the decor of your bedroom this style of headboard is going to be the most flexible and customisable. They are soft to the touch too, so sleeping with your head right up to the headboard is comfortable.

Metal Headboards

Metal Headboard UK Size

Another popular choice of headboard is metal. These often come with metal framed beds in the same style, but there are a lot of bespoke styles available and they start at a low price point.

You can achieve a grand look with large bed knobs and spirals on the corners. Or an antique look with a brushed metal finish for a couple of ideas. The advantage they have other upholstered is that they are more resistant to being scratched, and cannot rip. But they are harder to the touch and not as warm in appearance.

Wooden Headboards

Wooden Headboard UK Size

Wooden Headboards are very traditional and classic looking and bring a natural charm to the bedroom. You also have a wide range of styles with wood, as there are several types of wood used and they can be carved to look very unique.

Wood is suited to people who like to mix things up often in their rooms. A lot of wooden headboards will fit in with the decor of most rooms, and you can even paint or cover some in fabric if you so wish.

They are somewhere in the middle between upholstered and metal headboards. A good all-round safe choice, with a warm and versatile look.

Leather Headboards

Leather Headboard UK Size

Leather headboards are the luxury modern option. You need to have a keen eye for interior design if you’re picking a leather headboard that fits in with the rest of your room and your style of bed.

Buttoned design leather headboards are very regal and contemporary in their look and style. In the right room with the right decor they are stunning. Real leather does require regular cleaning to keep it looking and smelling new, so it’s not a low maintenance choice.

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