Bamboo Pillow Cases Uk Standards

If you haven’t already switched from regular cotton pillow cases to bamboo it’s time to consider doing so. There is now a lot of choice when it comes to Bamboo pillow cases UK standards. They are incredibly soft, luxurious, smooth and comfortable and the moment you rest your head on one you will be converted.

Bamboo fabric is possibly the most versatile and luxurious bedding material on the market, and now it’s becoming very affordable and the options are increasing. Among the various benefits, bamboo is perfect for anyone with allergies, acne, skin conditions, or generally sensitive skin.

You will have the best night’s sleep ever on bamboo bedding, and bamboo pillow cases are the best place to start. In this article I will take you through all the best products and options on the market. The benefits to bamboo over cotton bedding, and the many other reasons why bamboo material bedding is becoming incredibly popular.

Do Bamboo Pillow Cases Reduce Acne?

Acne is not a nice skin condition to live with. It effects a person’s self-confidence, can be itchy, and lead to other infections. Dirty pillowcases are known to make acne a lot worse, and cotton pillow cases are often guilty of housing bacteria along with other dirt and unpleasant things. If you zoomed in on your pillow case with a high-power magnifying glass I think you would think twice about laying your face on your pillow tonight.

You can only wash your pillow cases so often, and there is only so much of the bacteria and debris that will be removed. This is where the benefit of bamboo pillow cases really helps. Because they stay cleaner longer and naturally repel dust-mites, bacteria and debris.

Compared to cotton, bamboo bedding material is a lot more hygienic and a lot better for your skin. If you suffer with acne you are going to have a lot less irritation and flare-ups from sleeping on bamboo material and I recommend it.

Quiesta Bamboo Pillow Case

Quiesta Bamboo Pillow CaseThis bamboo pillow case from Quiesta is one of the best on the market and at only £10 it’s an affordable alternative to a cotton pillow case.

This product will show you exactly what I have been explaining. It’s hypoallergenic, soft, durable, and breathable. Measuring at 70cm x 47cm it’s one of the bamboo pillow cases UK standard fit too.

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Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow Benefits

Bamboo memory foam pillows have all the benefits of a memory foam pillow along with the soft and comfortable feel of bamboo. They are available in all shapes and sizes. So whether you sleep on your side, back, front, it doesn’t matter. You can find the perfect bamboo memory foam pillow.

Benefits to using a bamboo memory foam pillow:

  • Organic and eco-friendly
  • Harvested with toxin-free methods
  • Regulates temperature for comfortable sleeping
  • Resistant to bacteria and dust-mites
  • Incredibly comfortable and supportive
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good for acne sufferers

Homescapes Luxury Organic Bamboo Pillow

Homescapes Luxury Organic Bamboo PillowThis bamboo pillow from Homescapes is a good example of what to expect from a quality manufacturer. It’s organic, hypoallergenic, breathable, and offers superb neck support.

I recommend clicking the link below and going over to Amazon to check the latest reviews and pricing.

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Bamboo Bedding Benefits

A lot of people are switching to bamboo bedding and throwing out their old cotton bedding, and with good reason. It’s more expensive, but the price reflects the quality and does represent good value for money.

The bamboo fibers used in bedding are incredibly strong, soft, and durable. High quality bamboo bedding is literally as soft and luxurious as silk. While having some other properties that make it a more preferable, modern choice.

This isn’t a sales pitch. Bamboo fibers really are everything you want from quality bedding. They are strong, resistant to water, regulate temperature by keeping cool in summer, and retaining heat in winter. A bamboo sheet is perfect in summer. You can keep covered up and benefit from breathable and smooth material.

It’s also able to last double or three times the life of regular cotton bedding. As well as being naturally odor resistant and not holding on to bad odors. Keeping the bedding fresh for longer, and giving you an all-round more enjoyable sleeping experience.

Washing and Caring for Your Bamboo Bedding

Care has to be taken of bamboo pillow cases. Don’t throw them in with your other washing loads. Always check the label carefully on your own pillow cases as the washing directions can vary between manufacturers and products. But always stick strictly to the instructions given, bamboo is a delicate and sensitive material and will not retain all its properties if washed incorrectly.

Almost all bamboo bedding requires a cold wash on a washing machines delicate washing cycle. No bleach or other products should be added before washing, even to tackle a spillage or stubborn stain.

You can press with warm water, but not hot or boiling water. Never scrub or use abrasive materials to try and remove stains.

There are all kinds of bamboo pillow cases UK standard sizes to choose from. Take your time and make sure you pick a good quality one, you’re going to be resting your head on it and a good night’s sleep depends on this.