Double Divan Bed Base

If you’re looking for a double divan bed base then this is one of the best examples of value for money you’ll find. It’s a no frills double divan bed base, but that’s what you’re looking for right? Especially if you are looking at the lower end of the price range like with this model.

This model is easy to assemble in a few minutes and looks great. Divans are basically two pieces that make up the base. Making it easy to transport and carry up stairs, and slot together. There are two drawers too in this divan, making the most of the space underneath to offer some storage.

Why Choose A Divan?

Divans are one of the most popular styles of bed. While it’s popularity has dwindled slightly over the years with the introduction of more bed frame styles, it’s still a popular choice. Wooden, steel, solid frames etc are all popular alternatives, but divans offer convenience at an affordable price.

Using different mattresses and headboards are easy with divans. You can customize easily, and add down comforters and long sheeting to cover the divan if you don’t want the color showing.

Understanding The Different Types of Divan

There are two very different types of divan base. A standard divan that is solid construction, and a divan with a pocket sprung base. The standard divans have a firmer feel obviously, and the pocket sprung versions give some additional comfort.

The choice of divan comes down to preference and budget, but a sprung edge base makes a noticeable difference. Especially when you are sitting on the edge and getting up.

Pros of This Double Divan Bed Base

  • Excellent value for money
  • Divan bases are easy to move and carry
  • You can use the space underneath as storage, comes with two drawers
  • Assembles in a couple of minutes