How Big Is a Three Quarter Size Bed and Mattress

A three quarter size bed is 4ft wide, or 120cm. Often just simply listed as four foot beds, or three quarter beds, they are becoming more popular all the time as I will explain in more detail throughout this article.

This size of bed is larger than a standard UK single bed which is 90cm wide, and smaller than a standard UK double bed which measures 135cm wide. So if you have previously had issues with a single being too small, or a double being too large – a three quarter size bed is going to be perfect for you.

It’s always worth remembering that when choosing a bed frame you should be aware of the extra space some frames take up if you’re short on space. While a divan will be close to the exact measurements, bed frames can be much larger overall.

There is a decent amount of availability of styles and designs. Most manufacturers make three quarter size beds and mattresses. With modern housing becoming smaller and smaller, especially in the UK, space saving is always a consideration.

Are Three Quarter Size Beds Large Enough for Two People?

Although a three quarter bed is larger than a single they are not recommended for two people. Two average size adults can fit into one fairly easily, so it can be used if absolutely necessary.

What Size Is a Small Double Mattress?

A small double mattress is another way of describing a three quarter size mattress. A small double is 4 feet wide, I covered some of the best 4 foot memory foam mattresses and their advantages in an earlier post. Three feet wide mattresses are standard single size mattresses. So small doubles are 1 foot wider than the UK standard single.

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Why Choose a Small Double Bed – Three Quarter Size Bed?

Being comfortable should always be your first priority. Most of us spend around a third of our lives sleeping. So being comfortable and making the most of this time is important to our overall well-being.

Small double beds were introduced to the market to fit the gap between small and double beds. Providing a space saving option when a double is a little bit too large for a room. While still being large enough for an adult when a single is too small.

If you live in a small apartment or small modern housing a three quarter size bed can give you back some important space. The average sized modern home today is around half the overall size an average home was in the 1920’s. So this illustrates the need to make some adjustments with furniture.

Changing a double for a small double is a way of freeing up some space without compromising on comfort.