Rio Designer Bed with Bluetooth USB SD and Radio Review

A designer bed with Bluetooth USB SD and radio may not be on the top of your search list. But after reading the specs of this bed and realizing you can pick it up for less than £200 you might just change your mind.

Not only does this bed have that sleek designer look that will fit into any modern apartment. It has an SD slot, USB connectivity for your devices, and Bluetooth capabilities. It’s a tech-minded person’s dream bed, and the sound quality is excellent too.

Rio Designer Bed with Bluetooth USB SD and Radio Specs

The design and look of this bed is stunning. It’s inspired by European-chic and has a luxury, modern look. It’s manufactured under the Limitless Base company, a reputable company known for this cutting edge and eye-catching products.

As you can see from the picture below the speakers are built into the headboard. I know what you’re thinking – you have never needed to listen to music in bed before. But I can say that you are missing out. Having the ability to play either the radio of plug in your device and play music is a luxury worth having.

View of headboard speakers on the rio bedImagine those lazy weekend mornings, listening to some relaxing tunes. Or just blasting out some music while you’re in your room studying or tidying up.This bed is an absolute must for any music lover.

The bed comes in two sizes, double and king. It takes the standard UK size mattresses, so you can use your existing mattress or buy a new one. It’s also available in three different colors, which are white, black, and white/black. So if you cannot find a size and color to suit you I would be very surprised.

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What Type of Base Does the Rio Have?

The base has two rows of sprung slats. This gives the base some extra spring and comfort. If you currently have a firm base with a medium to soft mattress you will notice a little extra spring.

Sprung slatted bases are the best in my opinion. They offer comfort, stability, are easy to replace if they break, and allow you access to underneath the bed if required.

What Is the Frame on the Rio Made Of?Rio radio bed headset unit

The frame is solid wood construction with a quality faux leather finish. Just like all modern finishes, this faux leather is very realistic looking and will fit in with any contemporary or modern decor.

Faux leather has all the benefits of real leather while being easier to clean, longer lasting, and was made at no harm to any animals. The speakers are fitted into the headboard, and the radio unit is on the back.

The USB and Bluetooth panel is discreetly hidden while being easy to access. The bed is powered by plugging into a standard UK socket. You can use the bed to charge you phone over night, plug in a tablet to read or play games, plus anything else you can think of.

Rio Designer Bed with Bluetooth USB SD and Radio


Double bed – 155cm x 214cm (W x L), height 34cm, height to slats 14cm, headboard height 71cm.

King bed – 172cm x 227cm (W x L), height 34cm, height to slats 14cm, headboard height 71cm.

Rio Designer Bed with Bluetooth USB SD and Radio Summary

The appeal of this bed is largely won or lost on the techy features it has. But you cannot ignore what a trendy and stylish bed frame it is and what great value for money it offers. Regardless of the sound system etc, this is a great looking bed.

At this price, if you’re in the market for a new bed I would seriously consider buying this Rio bed. Even if the sound system is an extra you don’t use often, it’s more than worth it in my opinion. A designer bed with Bluetooth USB SD and radio is always going to impress.

In summary, this is one seriously unique, trendy and interesting bed. How often can you say that about a bed?

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Can I Use My iPhone or Smartphone with This Bed?

Yes, of course. Plug any device in through the USB slot and you can play anything you want. Its useful as a charger too, you can charge your device while you’re using it or overnight.

Does This Bed Come with a Mattress?

No. Beds typically do not come with mattresses. You can use your existing mattress if it’s a standard UK size.

Is This Bed Easy to Assemble?

Yes, very. It comes in several boxes but it very easy to assemble. There are a few parts to the base, slats to place on the frame, and everything screws tightly together.