Storage Ottoman Gas Lift Up Bed Frame

Ottoman gas lift beds offer a number of features, making them popular choices for the modern home. More than just a divan, or a bed frame. Ottoman gas lift beds give easy to access storage, the gas lift assists opening the bed so you don’t have to pull the mattress off. 

The frame on this model of ottoman gas lift up bed is a faux leather finish, which is a popular look nowadays. Fits in with a range of modern or classic decors, and is also just as at home in a classically decorated room. It’s smooth to the touch, but doesn’t mark easily. A perfect blend of durability and easy on the eye. 

Durable and Strong Frame

The frame is metal construction, it’s worth pointing this out seeing as this is such an affordable price. It’s good to have a solid construction metal frame with ottoman beds. The gas lift puts a lot of pressure on the frame, so it’s reassuring to know it will not break. The manufacturers claim a grown man can stand on the frame without it breaking – I’ll leave you to test that! 

The great thing is that this model is available in 3ft single bed, 4ft small double bed, 4ft 6 standard double bed, and 5ft king size bed frames. So now is the perfect opportunity to upsize a little if you can fit a larger bed in. Or, if you already have a mattress and want the same size bed frame, you’ll find one of those sizes to match.

For this price you will not find a stronger, more stylish ottoman gas lift bed. So click the link below and go over to Amazon to check out the reviews from satisfied owners. It currently has 4.6 stars with almost 300 reviews, so there isn’t a bad word to say about it.

Pros of This Storage Ottoman Gas Lift Up Bed Frame

  • Very affordable
  • Durable and hard-wearing, doesn’t mark easily
  • The ottoman storage is invaluable in smaller living spaces
  • Offers great value for money