Venice Faux Leather Sofabed Suite Settee with Chrome Feet (Brown)

This faux leather sofabed is one of the more affordable, higher quality models on the market place. It’s at home in any modern, or classic decorated apartment or house. With a beautiful soft feeling, but hard-wearing faux leather with stunning polished chrome feet.

You get two free cushions if you order now, an added bonus for extra comfort. The cover zips off to make cleaning or tackling stains easier. Although the faux leather is a good stain resistant material, you shouldn’t have too many problem with routine spillages.

There is minimal assembly to do when you receive the sofabed, just simply unpack and attach the feet. Clean regularly with furniture wet wipes to keep the appearance like new.

Easy to Switch Between Bed and Sofa

The beauty of this faux leather sofabed is the ease in which it transforms. This means anyone can do it in a few seconds, swapping what is being used as a sofa – to a bed ready for guests to sleep on. It’s a great space saver not having a bed laid out all the time, and means you have a functional sofa in the meantime.

This is what sofabeds are all about. But we have all seen or tried to use the older type that wouldn’t fold out quickly. If you’re buying a sofa bed you should have the intent to use it as both, so why settle for anything less. This is a great model.

Pros of This Faux Leather Sofabed

  • Sofabeds are incredibly useful, it pulls out easily swapping from a sofa to a bed
  • The high quality soft touch finish makes it a joy to use
  • Swaps quickly from sofa to bed
  • Very affordable price, good value for money


181cm L x 84cm H x 88cm D When folded out as a bed

104cm Height to Seat – 40cm When used as a sofa