Benefits of Satin Sheets: Why You Should Try These Luxurious Sheets

Benefits of Satin Sheets

I’m sure you’ve heard how luxurious and smooth satin sheets are, but are you aware of all the benefits of satin sheets outside of just feeling incredibly smooth?

I also want to point out that satin sheets are not reserved for the rich and famous. As you’ll see below they are very affordable.

From a value standpoint they are worth every penny too in my opinion, and after you read some of the benefits I’ll be surprised if you’re not swapping out your cotton sheets for satin.

What Are Satin Sheets?

Satin actually means the type of weave used in making the sheets, not the materials.

A satin weave gives the sheets that smooth and silky feel, although depending on the materials used the feel can vary.

Most commonly nylon, polyester, and cotton are used to make satin sheets. Each has its own benefits, as well as possible drawbacks for some people.

Satin sheets do add a more luxurious feel than regular cotton sheets however. They change how you sleep, the look of your bedding, and the temperature while you’re sleeping.

Benefits of Satin Sheets

Temperature Regulating and Naturally Wicking

The satin weave gives the sheets some natural wicking properties. This means you keep cooler and more comfortable in the summer months as they help dissipate sweat.

They are cooler to the touch, while also great at holding in warmth if you wrap yourself up in the sheets in the colder months.

Softer Feel and Less Irritation

If your sheets are irritating your skin then try switching to satin. The weave used in satin sheets is much smoother, and when used with hypoallergenic materials makes for the perfect night’s sleep.

They don’t tangle up as easily as cotton sheets either. It’s easier to wrap yourself in satin and not have those crease marks or uncomfortable corners that polyester sheets have.

Less Friction Is Better for Hair

You will get less friction from satin sheets which is good for your hair. If you have long or frizzy hair you know what a bad hair day is I’m sure, so it’s a small change that can make a huge difference.

Less friction also means less skin irritation for those who toss and turn a lot in the night, this was one of the first things I noticed when switching.

Better for the Skin on Your Face

Satin sheets and pillowcases are much softer on your face. You will not have those crinkles pressed into your face harder material causes, as well as reducing the chance of acne as they wick away moisture.

Don’t be surprised if you notice spots, skin blemishes, and the severity of skin conditions like eczema clearing up.

Which Type of Satin Sheets Are Best?

Which Type of Satin Sheets Are Best

It’s hard to say which satin sheets are best for you as the materials depend on personal preference.

Here are some of the commonly used materials to make sheets and the pros and cons of them:

Polyester – This is a manmade fiber and designed to be inexpensive and durable. The drawbacks are that it’s often a little stiff and not as soft to the touch as other materials and tends to show signs of wear.

Cotton – This is the most common material used in bedding. It’s breathable, soft, durable, and comes in various thread counts and qualities to suit your needs and budget.

Bamboo – Although one of the more expensive materials used in bedding, bamboo has been on the rise in popularity for a while now. It’s hypoallergenic, soft, wicks away moisture, and lasts a long time.

Silk – Possibly the most luxurious material used in bedding. Silk is made from thousands of silkworms and has a feel like no other material. Worth every penny in my opinion but it’s not cheap.