Best Bedroom Plants – Artificial and Real Plants

Best Bedroom Plants

Having plants in the bedroom can help to create a calming and relaxing environment. Important if you find it hard to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. Choosing the best bedroom plants is important to create the right environment.

You don’t need live plants however if you have allergies or don’t want to have the upkeep responsibility. There are pros and cons to choosing between live and artificial plants, and it’s down to your own preference.

Live plants help to freshen the air in your room. They produce oxygen and can increase humidity a little by releasing water vapor. It can be therapeutic attending to plants and seeing them flourish, personally, I really enjoy it.

If you want artificial plants however, you can get plants that look realistic and most people will never know the difference. They still promote a more relaxing environment and bring something special to the decor of your room.

Below are three live plants and two artificial plants to purchase for your bedroom.

Best Bedroom Plants: Both Live and Artificial

PlantArtifical/RealPriceOverall Rating
Grow Your Own Bonsai TreeReal£9/10
Areca Palm TreeReal££8/10
Large Pink OrchidReal£££8/10
4ft Artificial BambooArtifical££7/10
Artificial Lavender and GrassArtifical£9/10

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Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

Gift Republic Grow It. Grow Your Own Bonsai TreesWhat I love about this product from Gift Republic is that you get to grow your little bonsai from scratch, trimming and shaping them exactly how you want.

Bonsai trees are really easy to grow and tend to. They are perfect for beginners, and are great as gift ideas too if you are looking for gift ideas for someone.

Being so small it will be easy to find a space for a few bonsai trees in even the smallest of bedrooms. Always read the care manual carefully to understand where to best position them and how much light and water to provide.

Inside the box you get 4 packets of mixed bonsai seeds, 5 starter growing pots made from coconut husk, 5 compost discs made from coconut husk, 5 wooden plant markers, and a booklet containing all the information you need. buy button

Areca Palm Tree. Butterfly Palm. Dypsis Lutescens 55-65cm Tall

Areca Palm Tree. Butterfly Palm. Dypsis Lutescens 55-65cm tallAs far as bedroom plants go the Areca Palm Tree is a beautiful looking plant. It’s also called the Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens or Dypsis Lutescens, Yellow Butterfly Palm, Bamboo Palm, and the Golden Cane Palm if you know it by any of these names.

It’s one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. A lot of people have them in their kitchens or dining rooms, but they are just as home in the bedroom. They rarely get diseases and are great for beginners.

The Areca Palm was one of the plants listed in a NASA study of the best air purifying plants. Meaning this plant is producing fresh oxygen into your room and keeping it as fresh as a plant can.

They like indirect sunlight, you need to keep the soil moist, and they grow around 30cm each year. There will come a time when you need to trim it down or move it, but that’s your decision when it comes to it. buy button

Large Pink Phalaenopsis Flowering Orchid

Twin Stemmed Pink Orchid Bedroom Plant

Orchids are considered to be some of the most stunning looking plants and if you look at this bright pink example I think you’ll agree.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so if this one isn’t to your taste take a browse at some other looks.

They are really easy to grow in the home. It’s over watering and too much love that causes orchids to suffer in most instances.

Just follow the guidelines, they don’t take up too much time. They are definitely ornamenting flowers and look great in any room. buy button

4ft Artificial Bamboo Tree

4ft Artificial Bamboo Tree, Realistic Home Plant Decoration by De VielleThis is an option if you have allergies or just don’t want the responsibility of caring for a live plant.

This 4ft bamboo tree looks incredibly life-like and will have your friends and family assuming it’s real unless you tell them otherwise.

Don’t be put off by the 4ft size if it’s a little large. You can trim the tree to look how you want. Just remember it’s not easy to repair so don’t over do it!

This artificial tree has 6 trunks and 736 leaves. It’s been carefullt constructed and is a really impressive plant. Looks great in the office too if you want to liven up your working environment. buy button

Modern Artificial Lavender and Grass Arrangement

VGIA Modern Artificial Potted Plant for Home Decor Lavender Flowers and Grass Arrangements Tabletop DecorationThis artificial plant comes with a modern ceramic vase and looks incredibly realistic.

It’s actually a really good gift so why not think about picking one up for a friend and loved one at the same time.

Lavender is a flower that’s synonymous with better sleep. Lavender essential oils help you relax and sleep better, so it’s an idea to put a couple of drops on the plant if you struggle to sleep well.

All the feedback on this lavender and grass plant is very positive. It helps promote a relaxing environment, obviously it doesn’t require any maintenance, and the design will fit with just about any decor. buy button

In Summary

I love having plants around the home and in particular the bedroom. I diffuse oils and relax a lot in my bedroom so I enjoy having a relaxing environment and plants help create this.

Like I mentioned above, if you don’t want real plants don’t let that put you off. There are plenty of artificial options, I outlined two of the best above and they look so realistic you really can’t tell the difference.