Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds (Fitted Sheet Options and Clips for Electric Beds)

Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds

I’ve put together this guide to finding the best sheets for adjustable beds because finding the right sheets for adjustable beds is a little more difficult than normal sheets.

Plus, for me, finding the best sheets to sleep on is just as important as the mattress or bed.

With the right sheets, you’ll have a better night’s sleep, be more comfortable, and look forward to climbing into bed at night!

How to Choose the Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds

Example of an Adjustable Bed

There are lots of different types of adjustable beds on the market but the principle and function are the same.

The mattress has hinges built in and is designed to bend at different sections. This is to create different angles and positions to offer you more sleeping or sitting positions.

The most common types of adjustable beds have two hinges. You can raise the upper section to help you sit up, or raise the lower section to lift your legs.

First of all, you need to know what size bed/mattress you have so you know what size sheets you need.

These are the standard UK adjustable bed sizes:

Adjustable Beds Size Guide UK

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Which Material Is Best for Adjustable Bed Sheets?

The material you choose is largely going to come down to personal preference. But if it’s something you’ve not given a great deal of thought to before, I can help.

Cotton is widely regarded as the most comfortable. The higher the thread count the better too. If you want to treat yourself to some luxury look for high thread count Egyptian cotton, you’ll have a wonderful night’s sleep.

Bamboo is another material that’s smooth and comfortable. It wicks away moisture if you’re a hot sleeper, and has some natural antibacterial properties.

I’m sure you are well aware of the finer points of silk. It’s not always the best choice with adjustable beds however as they tend to show the wear from the movement of the bed.

As for synthetic fiber sheets, all I can advise is only opt for these if you’re on a tight budget. They are not the most comfortable and will not last as long as a quality cotton sheet.

It’s really worth going that extra few pounds to get a quality, comfortable sheet in my opinion. Afterall, you’re going to spend a third of your life on them and quality sleep is vital for your health.

How Do Sheets for Adjustable Beds Fit?

Adjustable bed sheets fit the same as you would a normal sheet and mattress in that you just need to pull them over the four corners.

Most tend to have some extra elastic or suspenders to make sure they fit as adjustable mattresses can vary in size a little.

There also needs to be some give when the mattress is bending at its hinge points. Good sheets fit just fine though and you’ll not even notice any bunching or crinkling as the elastic keeps the sheet in place.

You can also buy adjustable fitted bed sheet straps to make your sheet fit better and stay in place.

These clips basically connect 3-ways and pull the corners in. While having some give in the elastic to allow the bed to change position.

3-Way Heavy Duty Adjustable Bed Sheet Holders

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If you can’t find a specific fitted sheet for your bed I recommend getting some clips and using them on your sheets.

Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds

The Better Sleep Company Percale Cotton Adjustable Bed Sheets

The Better Sleep Company make a wide range of quality bedding products and have some adjustable bed fitted sheet options.

These are 76cm x 198cm (2’6 x 6’6), and have a 30cm (12”) side skirt to cover your bed divan.

They are made from a luxury Percale 50/50 cotton and polyester blend with a 200 thread count. A happy medium where durability meets comfort in my opinion.

They fully elasticated fit means they are really easy to fit, will stay in place without bunching and will keep tight when the bed is in motion.

You can machine wash and the easy care finish requires minimal ironing. So, low maintenance and a quick turnaround to get them back on your bed.

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The Bettersleep Company Fitted Cotton Sheet for Electric Bed

These sheets from The Bettersleep Company measure 76cm x 198cm (2’6 x 6’6), and have a 23cm (9”) side skirt.

They are elasticated all round rather than just at the ends of the corners like some sheets. This ensures you can get a good, easy fit to your adjustable bed.

The material used is 100% cotton woven into a fine percale with a thread count of 200. You’ll experience a smooth feel and comfortable night’s sleep with this thread count.

The elasticated fit means less crumpling when operating your electric bed, and the sheets don’t show creases.

You have a choice of white or ivory. They are made right here in the UK, and washable at 40 degrees.

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Double Jersey Double Stitched and Extra Stretch Egyptian Cotton Sheets

First off, one of the best reasons to consider these sheets from Double Jersey is because you’re spoilt for choice.

There are 30+ colours to choose from, as well as various mattress sizes; single, wide single, small double, double, king, super king, and Californian king.

So, with the colour and size of your choice covered, what makes these sheets a good choice for adjustable beds?

They have smooth and easy fitting with deep corners. High stretch fabric, and elasticated bands on the corners.

There is a lot of stretching and support to ensure they fit your bed and don’t restrict the movement of an adjustable bed.

On the comfort side, they are 100% pure Egyptian cotton. So incredibly smooth and comfortable, as well as being durable and easy to wash.

Shop now at amazon buttonConfort Home Smooth Adjustable Elastic Fitted Sheets

These sheets from Confort Home are an inexpensive and simple solution to finding sheets for your adjustable bed.

They are available in various sizes, from single to king size, as well as a selection of colours.

What makes these sheets a good choice for adjustable beds are their extra stretch and durable elastic corners.

This allows you to get a good fit on any mattress. While being even more important for an adjustable bed as you’ll be elevating and lowering sections of your mattress.

You need a sheet that can stretch with the movement and not ping off. As well as not creasing and returning to form when the bed is returned to its resting position.

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From these four reviews of different sheets, you should be able to find sheets that will fit your adjustable bed and stay in place when the bed is in motion.

If not, the elastic clips I showed you above are able to make any sheet fit better and stay in place.

Between the two options of sheets or elastic clips, you have a solution. Take your time and see what works best for you.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep on your new sheets!