Best Weighted Blanket for Adults with Anxiety / Sleeping Disorders

Best Weighted Blanket for Adults with Anxiety Sleeping Disorders

There are few things worse than not getting good, consistent sleep. You feel drained, irritable, you’ll start getting sick, it’s a downward spiral that’s hard to break.

I was stuck in this rut for way too long. Traditional medicines and methods weren’t doing anything to help – sound familiar?

It was through essential oils and a weighted blanket that I finally found a solution that worked for me. And it’s a natural, easy, and inexpensive solution if it wasn’t already good enough.

This inspired me to write this article outlining the health benefits of using a weighted blanket, as well as how and why they work so effectively.

Read on for my review of the 5 best weighted blankets for adults, and hopefully I’ll help some of you who are struggling to get a good night’s sleep too by using a weighted blanket.

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets Improving Sleep

As I said in the opener, the main benefit of a weighted blanket is that they help you sleep better, but how exactly does a blanket do this?

The blanket actually uses weighted therapy. Weighted therapy is used to help anxiety, autism, and a whole host of other conditions.

All of which makes it more difficult for us to fall asleep, or keep a regular, healthy sleeping schedule.

So, these simple blankets can make a huge difference to how well you sleep.

Secure and comforting feeling – The added weight of the blanket creates a sense of being swaddled. There is a psychological connection between this feeling and feelings of being safe and secure helping you to sleep better.

Hugging feeling – Did you know that hugging was good for your health? Hugs stimulate the release of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces blood pressure and helps us relax.

A weighted blanket does the same by mimicking the feeling of a hug. Seriously, just try this once and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Either by being hugged to sleep or using a blanket!

Stimulating hormones – As well as oxytocin as discussed above, the weight of the blanket also helps us to produce more serotonin and melatonin.

Serotonin is a hormone that helps reduce stress, anxious feelings, and will help you relax and fall asleep better. While melatonin also promotes better sleep.

Conditions a Weighted Blanket Can Help With

Weighted therapy is used to help treat a number of conditions that can not just help the symptoms of these issues, but help you sleep better too.

Some of the conditions weighted blankets are recommended for include:

Insomnia – Obviously this condition is directly related to lack of sleep. Both not being able to fall asleep, and stay asleep for long periods.

Restless Leg Syndrome – This condition, known as RLS can be particularly frustrating.  It causes you to have uncontrollable urges to keep moving your legs.

Sensory Disorders – This is a wide spectrum of disorders that can cause a person to be too sensitive to the things around them.

Anxiety – People who are anxious can range from finding it impossible to relax and get good quality sleep to constantly wake up.

Stress – Much like anxiety, being stressed almost always affects sleep. Which leads on to other problems and quickly spirals.

ADHD – Attention deficit disorder affects children and adults. It can mean you find it hard to relax, unwind, and sleep.

How Much Weight Should Be in a Weighted Blanket?

When choosing a weighted blanket the golden rule is to choose one that weighs 10% or slightly more than your bodyweight.

I have seen healthcare professionals and therapists recommending 1-2 lbs on top of the 10%. So a couple of extra lbs is only going to be a good thing.

Here is a visual to help you choose a blanket based on your weight:

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart

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Best Weighted Blanket for Adults: 5 of Our Best Picks

Kitzen Weighted Blanket (Various Weights and Sizes)

Kitzen Weighted Blanket (Various Weights and Sizes)This weighted blanket from Kitzen is available in various weights, from 2.3kg to 11.5gk. So, you’ll find a weight perfect for your own body weight.

They also get larger the heavier they are. This makes it easier to position parts of the blanket and distribute the weight evenly.

The inner layer is made with 100% cotton. The weighted compartments are filled with hypoallergenic sand pellets, so allergies need not be a concern.

It’s the perfect gift for someone. Or a solution for your own sleeping problems. You’ll fidget less, reduce those stresses and worries, and wake up feeling much more energized.

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MNII Weighted Blanket for Adults (2.3kg for 20-30kg Bodyweight)

MNII Weighted Blanket for Adults (2.3kg for 20-30kg Bodyweight)MNII advertise this weighted blanket as naturally reducing stress and increasing your relaxation – perfect for improving sleep.

It has a removable duvet cover made from organic cotton for luxurious soft feel. As easy access zip, it’s easy to clean and has a quilted pattern.

The inner layer is filled with pockets of hypoallergenic sand pellets. This filling moves freely and gives a nice even feel, as well as being silent.

If you’re looking for a natural solution to your sleeping issues then I recommend giving this weighted blanket a try.

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EDC Maker Weighted Blanket for Adults (2.3kg/5lbs)

The weight of this blanket from EDC, ‘simulates the actions of being hugged or held and deep touch sense experience.’

It has a unique square sewn design to keep the pockets of filling in place and evenly distributed, and the outer layer is 100% cotton.

Whether you have a sleeping disorder you’re trying to resolve naturally, or just want to keep those daily stresses and pressures to a minimum, this weighted blanket is designed to help.

You have a choice of colors, as well as some differnet weights and sizes. So you will be able to find the right blanket for you.

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Buzio Weighted Blanket for Adults (6.8kg for 55-65kg Bodyweight)

This is a highly rated weighted blanket for adults with anxiety, stress, autism, ADHD, OCD, and other sleeping disorders from Buzio.

Like all the best weighted blankets it’s constructed from a comfy soft cotton outer layer, and fill with a hypoallergenic filling.

Did you know that it’s estimated 70% of US adults struggle to get a good night’s sleep? For a solution as simple as a blanket it’s well worth giving it a try.

The manufacturer recommends purchasing a duvet cover to extend the life of the blanket. You get a 12 month warranty for extra peace of mind too.

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YnM Weighted Blanket (Various Weights and Sizes)

This therapeutic premium-grade weighted blanket from YnM is designed to distribute pressure across your body and improve the quality of your sleep.

It does this by mimicking the feeling of being hugged. Encouraging the production of serotonin and melatonin, improving your mood and helping you relax.

Sounds like a lot for a simple blanket with some extra weight, right? Well, it works. There are some testimonials and customer feedback to back this up.

You can purchase the inner weighted blanket and outer cover seperately. Choose from various colors, sizes, and weights to suit you as an individual.

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