Where to Buy Buckwheat Hulls

Where to Buy Buckwheat Hulls

If you’re in trying to find out where to buy buckwheat hulls to refill your pillow, mattress, Zafu, or anything else you have that’s filled with buckwheat, I picked up a big bag from Amazon that did the job (see below).

I use a buckwheat filled pillow and a Zafu cushion that both have buckwheat hulls in. I wanted to replace some hulls in my pillow after washing it and noticing some needed to be replaced.

I also wanted to add some more to my Zafu to test out a firmer feel. Hulls aren’t expensive so it’s only going to come in handy having a bag with some spares in the future I’m sure.

Buying Buckwheat Hulls Online

The hulls I bought are supplied by Perfect Pillow and come in 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 kg bags.

Their husks are cleaned and grown from buckwheat without pesticides and other chemicals, so they are organic and hypoallergenic as you’d expect when buying buckwheat.

I like buying them online as they are ready to use straight out of the bag.

All you have to do is add or remove some from your pillow are store the bag somewhere dry.

If you’ve not handled buckwheat before they feel like hard multi-side shells, they are very strong and don’t break under the weight of sitting on them in cushions.

Click here to buy a bag of buckwheat husks on Amazon!

If you prefer to buy from eBay, I found a seller offering quality buckwheat hulls at a good price:

eBay buckwheat hulls for refilling pillows and cushions

Click here to buy these buckwheat hulls from eBay!

These hulls are the product of buckwheat grown on Brow Farm in Lancashire, UK.

They clean and prepare them so you can put them straight into your pillow or cushion.

They sell them in 500g or 1kg bags, although I think you can talk to them directly for other sizes and make some arrangements.

Where to Buy Buckwheat Hulls Locally

I’ve checked out some of the larger nationwide stores that most people reading this will be able to visit locally and I can’t find a reliable buckwheat seller. (If you know of one then please let me know).

Your best bet is to try and local stores that sell products filled with buckwheat hulls. So, pillows, meditation cushions, etc. Then ask them who their supplier is and see if you can take it from there.

How Many Pounds or Kilos of Buckwheat Needed to Fill Pillows?

Obviously, this depends on the size of the pillow. But to give you a good idea of how many kilos you need to buy, a standard bed pillow will use between 2-3 kilos (4.4-6.6 lbs).

Standard size Zafu cushions usually hold between around 2 kilos too, so that’s 4-5 lbs. I have mine stuffed pretty solid and it has around 2.5 kilos in.

As there is no real shelf-life to buckwheat hulls, you can have a bag of spare hulls in a cupboard and they’ll be there when you need to top up a pillow.