Can Mice Climb into Beds?

Can Mice Climb into Beds

If you’ve seen signs of mice in your home and have a bit of a phobia of these cute little creatures you’re probably wondering, ‘can mice climb into beds?

This is when most people are scared of mice as they know that they come out at night. And, the thought of having them crawling over while you sleep isn’t a nice one, is it?

I’ve both kept fancy mice as pets and dealt with having wild mice coming into my home before, so I do have some experience with this topic.

What I will say right away is that it’s very rare to see mice in a bedroom, and even more rare that they would climb onto your bed and crawl over you so I don’t want you to worry too much.

However, I can elaborate as to why and when it may happen. Let’s look at some of the questions I’ve heard before:

Can Mice Climb into Bed?

This actually depends on the type of bed you have to give you the right answer.

If you have a bed frame on high legs and there is no bedding overhanging near the floor for example, it’s very difficult for a mouse to climb up onto it.

A divan on the other hand is very easy for a mouse to climb up just by gripping onto the fabric as they are close to the floor.

If you’ve seen signs of mice running around your room while you sleep, get some separation between you and the floor.

Mice are great at climbing, but they don’t jump very well from the ground up. Only from a higher place down to the floor.

Will Mice Get in Bed with You?

Mice aren’t going to want to get into bed with you for any other reason than they are looking for food or a way to get across to somewhere else they’ve seen.

They have no interest in you. I want to make that clear. Mice do not bite sleeping people. So, don’t worry about mice wanting to crawl over you while you sleep.

I’ve never even heard of it actually happening. I’ve known a few people who have seen signs of mice in their rooms, but never actually experiencing a mouse on their bed.

Do Mice Crawl on Sleeping People?

This is the same answer as the last question. Sure, it can happen. Of course it can. But it’s incredibly unlikely.

Mice do not want to crawl on sleeping people. They are very cautious and know when danger is near (which is you), and would avoid crawling over you given the chance.

How to Stop Mice Coming near Your Bed While You Sleep

If you’re still worried about mice climbing up on your bed and crawling over you there are some things you can do to stop, or at least deter mice from coming near your bed.

Declutter – Mice love clutter. There need places to hide, which is why you don’t often see them just hanging around in the middle of a room.

So, it’s time to clean up our bedroom. This means getting everything off the floor and from under your bed. Fewer places to hide means less chance of mice in your room.

Peppermint Oil – Peppermint oil is one of the most effective scents at keeping mice away, and it smells pretty nice for us too so it’s not a problem using in the bedroom.

Use a good quality essential oils and just throw a few drops around. Or use a diffuser if you love the smell.

No Food – Mice are almost always scavenging for food when they are entering our homes. If there is no food, crumbs, empty food packets etc in your room they won’t want to be in there.

Dryer Sheets – If peppermint is a bit strong for you then try dryer sheets. Dryer sheets have been used for a long time to ward of mice and do a great job.

Place a few around and you’ll have a scent of freshly cleaned clothes along with some added security that mice will be repelled.