Do the Japanese Sleep in Beds

When thinking about the sleeping arrangements of Japanese citizens, you may ask yourself “Do the Japanese Sleep in Beds”. Traditionally Japanese people have not slept in beds like the Western World do.

Instead, it’s tradition for them to sleep in futons much closer to the floor. That’s been changing for some time now however, and most Japanese people do sleep in beds.

There are two types of rooms in traditional Japanese buildings. These are rooms with floors as we are used to, and tatami rooms.

Tatami rooms are traditional Japanese rooms, much like we have all see on TV shows and in films. They have the large panels that let in a lot of light, and are usually empty but for a small table.

These rooms are kept very clean and empty. So someone is sleeping in a tatami room they will be using a futon. The futon will only be brought out at night, and packed away again in the morning.

Do the Japanese Sleep in Beds? – Japanese Futons

A futon is a Japanese bed. So do Japanese sleep in beds? Well yes they do, but not normally the same type as people do in other countries. A Japanese futon is basically a flat mattress with a soft outer layer. Futons are designed to be comfortable on what’s known as tatami floors.

They are able to fold up and save space when not in use. A lot of Japanese homes are short on space. As well as Japanese traditionally having minimal possessions out.

Folding away the futon also allows for the tatami room to breathe a little more. While the futon may need brushing and fluffing to keep it’s soft padding feeling comfortable.

Do the Japanese Sleep in Beds - Futon Cupboard

Japanese Style Beds

The Japanese take their sleep seriously. They have developed several types of bedding over the years, and these comprise of the following:

  • Tatami mats
  • Shiki futon
  • Kakebuton comforter
  • Platform beds

The Shiki futon is the most important element of their sleeping system as mentioned above. Their futons are not the same as the Weston style futons. We have given the futon name to a quick, fold away type of roll out bed.

The Japanese futon is a complete bed, that happens to be able to fold away. They often cover their futons in elaborate and high quality materials. Protecting them against wear and insulation for warmth.

The Kakebuton comforter is a hand-crafted mattress filled with soft cotton and other materials. It’s designed to be lightweight and easy to move, while retaining heat and providing an extremely good night of sleep.

Platform beds are the Western influence. They are beds in essence, but very low to the ground. This style of bed has now become very popular around the world as it looks modern and sleek.

Do the Japanese Sleep in Beds - 2 Futons

Health Benefits of a Japanese Bed

There are believed to be many health benefits to sleeping in a Japanese bed. With Japanese people among the longest life expectancies, maybe they are on to something.

It’s widely believed that Japanese style beds offer the following benefits:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better posture
  • Less back and neck pain
  • Reduced risk of scoliosis

Western-style mattresses with springs and pocket springs are widely available in Japan. Yet they are not as popular as they are in the Western world. Japanese people still believe their style of bed is a lot better for their health.