Should You Eat Coconut Oil Before Bed? Here is the Rundown

reasons why you should eat some coconut oil before bed

Coconut oil is one of the less common superfoods, yet eating a little of this oil rich in fatty acids and nutrition has a wide range of positive health benefits.

If you’re wondering, should you eat coconut oil before bed or if it’s better at a different time in the day it doesn’t really matter.

As long as you’re taking a small amount, such as a spoonful in a hot drink or smoothie you’ll probably sleep better rather than worse.

Here are some of the awesome health benefits of coconut oil, maybe it’s time you added a little into your daily routine before bed:

Should You Eat Coconut Oil Before Bed: Some of the Health Benefits of Doing So

Helps to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol levels are more complicated than just taking a reading and calling it high or low. We all have good and bad cholesterol, as well as exposure to different health risks depending on how these levels are balanced.

There are various studies however showing that coconut oil helps improve the balance of our good and bad cholesterol levels. Just simply looking at countries with high intakes of coconut oil we can see they have lower percentages of health disease.

It’s Good for Brain Function and Memory

One of the key benefits for the older generation taking coconut oil was marked improvements in their memories and brain function.

The fatty acids, known as MCFAs are easily absorbed and act as a fuel for the brain to stimulate improved function.

Aids Better Digestion and Relieves Discomfort

coconut oil aids better digestion and this is an example of a small scoop

If you have issues digesting food and experience discomfort then I’m sure you’ve tried all sorts of things to try and help.

Try eating a teaspoon of coconut oil before bed if it’s particularly bad as you sleep. Coconut oil reduces bad bacteria in the gut, speeds up digestion, and will help you sleep better.

Nourishes Skin and Treats Conditions

It’s a natural alternative to harsh scrubs and prescription creams. Just use a small amount like you would a moisturizer to give your skin lovely look and feel.

For some people, it works wonders treating conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, lessening the inflammation and discomfort, and of course leaving a lovely scent!

How to Take Coconut Oil

I’ve never met someone who didn’t like the taste of coconut oil. It’s still fun to make different recipes rather than just eating a spoonful, however, here are some ideas for you:

Bedtime Tea Coconut Oil and Chamomile

If you are looking for something to help you sleep better as well as incorporating coconut oil into your diet then try a chamomile tea with a spoon of oil mixed in.

You will get all the calming and soothing benefits from the tea, much like a green tea, along with the health benefits from the oil. It’s a quick and easy drink and works wonders for me.

Coconut Oil Smoothie

recipe idea for a coconut oil smoothie with some milk and strawberries

If you want a power drink packed with nutrition then smoothies are a must. They are quick, easy, and tasty.

Here is a simple recipe using coconut oil, but don’t be afraid to experiment with some of your favorite fruits:

  • Handful of strawberries
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Give it all a good blend and drink a good hour or so before going to bed if you’re drinking it in the evening.

Coffee and a Spoon of Coconut Oil a Day Keeps the Doc Away

Ok, it might not keep the doc away forever but a coffee with coconut oil can give you a much-needed energy boost and it tastes great.

Not a good idea to drink this late at night unless you’re on the decaf though. But a great way to ingest some oil quick and easy.

Always Buy Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Not all coconut oils are made with extra virgin coconut oil. When you’re buying some always look for this on the label if you want to maximize all the good nutrition this oil has to offer.

Some of the less expensive products are processed, refined, and mixed with other ingredients that dilute the oil and take away from all the health benefits.

Final Thoughts

Coconut oil has some awesome health benefits and it’s easy to add to a drink before bed so try adding it to your diet.

There are no drawbacks to eating a little before bed. It’s easy to digest, light, and shouldn’t interrupt your sleep.