Hugging Pillow While Sleeping Psychology and Reasoning

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Are you a pillow hugger while you’re sleeping? Ever wondered why you hug your pillow and what the psychology behind this habit is?

There is actually quite a lot we can discover about ourselves and the positions we sleep in, as well as what we do while we’re asleep.

We are at our most honest when we’re sleeping. We aren’t consciously making the decision to hide any actions, and we will end up sleeping in the position we feel most comfortable with, both physically and mentally.

The fetal position is the most common sleeping position while pillow hugging. If you curl up into a ball and hug your pillow then don’t worry you’re not in the minority, quite the opposite.

The psychology behind people sleeping in the fetal position comes back to this being a natural position we used when we were in the womb. It’s a sign of comfort and something we intrinsically feel.

As adults, it also shows that while we might be tough on our exterior, but we are vulnerable and in need of comfort when we are relaxed. Finding this by gripping onto our pillow.

If you sleep stretched out by still hug your pillow with both arms this usually shows that you have some kind of emotional attachment to something in your life and maybe thinking or dreaming about it.

Personality wise, this position typically means you value bonds you have with others and aren’t afraid to reach out and show it to people. You may be shy however and find it a lot easier to hug your pillow than people.

There is a lot we can learn about ourselves from other common sleeping positions, such as:

The Yearning Position

Yearning means you sleep on our side with your arms stretched out. This is another common sleeping position and typically means you are open-minded and welcoming.

The Log Position

As the name suggests, the log position means you’re lying like a log in a straight line with your arms by your side. This means you have a trusting and understanding personality.

The Freefalling Position

Freefalling is when you sleep flat on your front with your hands near or hugging your pillow. This is said to represent the person being a free spirit, although sensitive to criticism.

The Starfish Position

If you sleep on your back with your arms and legs sticking out in all directions, this is the starfish position. It’s not a common position but shows you are friendly and helpful.

Final Thoughts

How well do the reasonings and sleeping positions explained in this article relate to you?

Maybe you can take a read into your partner’s sleeping habits, or have someone give you their opinion on you and how you sleep.

It’s an interesting topic. If you have any thoughts or comments feel free to drop them below.