Why Do I Sleep with So Many Pillows? Behaviour and Meaning Explained

Why Do I Sleep with So Many Pillows

How many pillows do you sleep with on your bed…1, 2, 3, more than 3?

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘why do I sleep with so many pillows?’, I might be able to help you answer this question as I study sleeping behavior and psychology.

Most people sleep with two pillows. One being their main pillow, and another to add some support or help prop them up if they need to sit up.

The number just keeps going up however. I’ve even seen beds with so many pillows there’s hardly room for the person to sleep in the bed.

There is some psychology behind the number of pillows people choose to sleep with on their beds.

Like it or not, we all make subconscious decisions and feel differently about how many pillows we surround ourselves with.

Here is what the number of pillows you sleep with may mean about you:

Sleeping with One Pillow

Sleeping with One Pillow Meaning

  • Minimalist
  • Practical

If you have just one pillow, it better be a good one. As long as it’s giving you all the support you need for a good posture and alignment through your back and neck, why have more, right?

People with just one pillow tend to be minimalists. They don’t like to see clutter, it stresses them out. They need to be able to tidy their bed quickly and be happy with it and are generally practical people.

Sleeping with Two Pillows

  • Indecisive
  • Prepared

If you have two pillows on your bed there’s a good chance that you have them to change between them depending on the feel you want.

It’s also helpful to have two if you like to prop yourself up to watch TV or read. Either way, you have more options than just one pillow. Maybe you’re indecisive, maybe you have a favorite.

Sleeping with Three Pillows

Sleeping with Three Pillows Meaning

  • Needy
  • Care about appearance

When you move from two to three pillows you bridge the gap between needing pillows for a good night’s sleep and tipping the balance into caring about appearance and decor of your bed.

There is no practical reason for three pillows, can you say you actually sleep with them all under your head? Didn’t think so, maybe you’re in need of something extra to hug and comfort you during the night.

Sleeping with Four Pillows

  • Generous
  • Function in clutter

With four pillows you clearly have a lot of room in your bed and it’s starting to feel or look a little lonely with anything less. Or, maybe you just feel more secure surrounded by a cluttered setup.

Even if you use two or three of the pillows for decor, is it worth having them as they just get in the way at night? Maybe see how you feel if you put a couple away in a cupboard.

Sleeping with Five or More Pillows

Sleeping with Five or More Pillows Meaning

  • Lonely
  • In need of comfort

From a psychological point of view, so many pillows usually reflect something missing in your life. You may or may not be aware that you’re feeling lonely and need something to hug.

Try removing some and seeing how you feel. If you need them for comfort and feel something is missing without all your pillows take a deeper look at the root of these feelings.

There is no health benefit to having so many pillows either. Quite the opposite in fact. You should be thinking about the alignment of your back and neck. It might feel comfy being surrounded by pillows, but you might wake up with a stiff neck.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think it’s worth over analyzing the reasons for having so many pillows. As long as you’re getting a good night’s sleep and have a decent pillow to support your posture don’t feel like you need to change anything.

There is a correlation between the number of pillows and a feeling of loneliness however. And, after all, you need to make room in your bed if you’re going to fill the space with something else, don’t you!