Is a Queen Size Bed Bigger Than a Double

Is a Queen Size Bed Bigger Than a Double

There aren’t that many bed sizes, but there is still some confusion sometimes. The least common size is probably the Queen, and a lot of people ask, ‘Is a queen size bed bigger than a double’?

A Queen Size size bed is actually slightly smaller than a UK standard Double bed.

Here is a table containing all the Standard UK bed sizes.

UK Standard Bed Sizes

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Why Buy a Queen Size Bed?

There are two main reasons why you would choose a Queen Size bed. Space, and preference.

Space – The main reason beds increase in size is to help the buyer accommodate the largest possible bed in the space they have available.

If a single is too small but you don’t have room for a Double, then a Queen Size might be the best option if it fits.

A Queen Size bed is 30cm wider than a Standard UK Single Size bed. This makes a huge difference in the amount of space you have and is adequate for two adults in most instances where a Single isn’t.

A Double bed is only 15cm wider than a Queen. You find Queen Size beds in a lot of modern apartments where space saving has become necessary.

Preference – Sometimes people will just prefer a Queen size bed when they see a certain style, or just see it next to a Double and prefer it.

You need to remember however that your bedding, replacement mattress, headboard, etc will all need to be Queen Size in the future.

Is a Queen Size Bed Bigger Than a King?

This is another common question and actually a common misconception. Did you think a Queen Size was bigger than a King Size? Or at least similar in size?

Most people seem to.

The confusion arises from the difference in Queen Sizes when compared to the US and EU.

Queen Size Bed Chart

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As you can see, in the US and EU a Queen Size bed is larger than in the UK. The Queen Sizes are a lot closer to the King Size which causes some confusion.

Make sure when shopping online you check the measurements when buying a bed. While you shouldn’t come across the US, often you will see EU beds and mattresses.

IKEA is a popular store in the UK that sells beds in EU sizes. You can find a complete IKEA bed size chart here, just be sure to measure up your space against the bed measurements before buying.