How to Make a Weighted Blanket (DIY Weighted Blankets in 5 Steps)

How to Make a Weighted Blanket (The DIY Method)

Weighted blankets are great for people who struggle to get a good night’s sleep. And, the best thing about them is that they are easy to make.

Which is why I put together this article to show you how to make a weighted blanket with a video (below) and some written instructions.

Maybe you have RLS, insomnia, anxiety, stress if keeping you awake, whatever the reason – a weighted blanket is a really good natural solution.

The extra weight helps give you a secure feeling of being hugged. It triggers sensory reactions, helps stimulate your brain to release hormones, and more. All from just a blanket!

DIY weighted blankets are fun. You can save a few quid over buying one, choose the exact pattern, weight, and size you want, and get a good sense of achievement.

Here is everything you need to know about making a DIY weighted blanket:

How to Make a Weighted Blanket (The DIY Method)

Here are all the materials you need and a few simple steps to follow. Do play the video too as it’s only a few minutes long and helps show you all the steps.

Materials Needed:

  • Sewing machine
  • 2 Pieces of fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Pins and scissors
  • Poly Pellets
  • Measuring spoon


Step 1 Joining the Fabric

Place your two pieces of fabric together (both sides of the blanket) and pin them. Sew three of the sides together as you would a pillowcase.

Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and the end.

Step 2 Trim the Corners

Trim the corners with diagonal cuts to reduce any bulk forming in the corners when the blanket is finished.

Step 3 Split the Fabric into Sections

Decide how many sections you want to fill with the weighted poly pellets and mark out the sections on the fabric.

There is no exact science to the number of sections and pellet pockets you want. It depends on the size and the weight of the blanket.

The blanket in the example has 6 sections and 36 pellet pockets. This is a good amount to spread the weight out evenly.

Step 4 Fill and Sew up the Pockets

You should have the total weight of pellets you need for your blanket (see below for how heavy a weighted blanket should be).

Fill the pockets with equal amounts of pellets and sew them up as you go along. It’s a good idea to use double stitching again.

Step 5 Top Stitch the Blanket

Once all the pockets have been filled you can fold the top of the blanket over, pin it, and topstitch it up.

How Much Weight Should Be in a Weighted Blanket?

The rule of thumb for how much weight should be in a weighted blanket is 10% of your bodyweight, plus an extra kilo (or a couple of lbs if that’s how you measure weight).

To give you a rough idea of how heavy to make your blanket for the person’s weight you’re making it for, here is a table:

Weighted Blanket Guide

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If you want to read about the benefits of using a weighted blanket in more detail check this post – Benefits of a weighted blanket.

You can also find my recommendations for the best weighted blankets for adults with anxiety and sleeping disorders.

If you do make a blanket please email me here or drop me a comment below and share pictures and any extra tips you may have so I can share here in this post for my other readers.

Thanks and good luck!