How Many Pounds of Buckwheat Hulls to Make a Zafu?

Are Buckwheat Pillows Hypoallergenic

If you’re wondering how many pounds of buckwheat hulls to make a Zafu or refill your meditation cushion then you’re going to need between 4-5 lbs (around 2 kilos) for a regular size cushion.

There is no exact answer as meditation cushions come in various sizes and weights. Also, some people like them firmer than others and will take some hulls out.

In my experience, 4 lbs is probably going to be the lightest, so I’d recommend buying a bag of at least 5 lbs of buckwheat hulls so you have some spare to add or replace as needed.

Perfect Pillow Organic Buckwheat Hulls

If you are looking where to buy buckwheat hulls I recommend ordering from Amazon, that’s what I did by buying a 5kg bag (11 lbs) as you can see from the image below.

I couldn’t find any local stores selling the hulls locally. Both in local stores and larger national chain stores, so unless I was looking in all the wrong places they are pretty hard to find.

The hulls are not to be confused with the bags of buckwheat you can pick up at most health foods stores either, you need the outer shells (husks).

Perfect Pillow Organic Buckwheat Hulls

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If you prefer to buy from eBay, here is a seller offering quality buckwheat hulls at a good price:

eBay buckwheat hulls for refilling pillows and cushionsThey are selling bags of hulls in 1kg and 500g weights at the time of writing this but I think if you contact the seller direct you can make arrangements for other weights.

These hulls come from Brow Farm in Lancashire, UK. They put them through the whole cleaning process themselves and describe the steps which are reassuring for quality control.

The interesting thing about buckwheat hulls is that the cleaner they are, the more volume you get per kg. This also means you can fit more in a cushion and it’ll weigh a little less than lower grade hulls that have not been such a strict cleaning process as these hulls.

It’s just something worth bearing in mind when comparing one product or cushion to another when filling them up.

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How Firm Should a Zafu Cushion Be?

The comfort and support your posture is getting from the Zafu is absolutely key to the quality of meditation you will have.

Your Zafu should be fairly firm so that it’s elevating your hips above your knees, and your feet can rest in front of you without falling asleep.

Proper alignment of your back means no slouching or leaning over. There will be an ‘S’ shape as your lower back curves in and your upper back curves out a little.

A Zafu is perfect for the Lotus position. The Lotus position is probably the most common meditating position and excellent for beginners all the way through to experienced meditation practitioners.

How Firm Should a Zafu Cushion Be
The Lotus Yoga Position

Why Are Buckwheat Hulls Used in Meditation Pillows?

Buckwheat is the most popular material used in meditation pillows. Kapok is the other option, which is a softer material and feels more like cotton.

Kapok tends to flatten out over time and doesn’t offer as much support as buckwheat. It has more of a spongy feel, opposed to the hulls that are firmer and move around to adjust with your body shape.

Another huge pro to using buckwheat is how easy it is to add or remove some hulls to get the firmness of the pillow perfect for you.

They also last longer than other materials. Plus, if spill anything or damage the hulls you can just replace them in a minute, or if you want to wash the outer of your cushion and replace some.

Calming Breath Meditation Cushion Zafu

Calming Breath Meditation Cushion Zafu UKThis is one of the more popular Zafu meditation cushions and is filled with buckwheat hulls.

It weighs around 2kg, so if you needed to refill this you would need around 4.5 lbs as I pointed out above is the usual amount for a Zafu.

This is very similar to the model of Zafu I have myself. The outer cover zips off and there will either be an inner case for the hulls, or they will just be loose and ready to tip out.

The hulls used are triple-screened, they mold perfectly to the shape of your body without compressing, and the comfort this cushion offers is second to none.

Once you’ve used a quality Zafu like this one you will realize why the hulls are absolutely necessary and are the best filling for meditation cushions.

It helps take meditation to the next level, the feel and support can’t be matched by any other material.

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This video gives you a brief overview of some of the types of meditation pillow, their uses, and how to maintain good posture: