slats on a wooden bed frame

What Are Sprung Slats

If your bed frame has slats on the base they will be either sprung slats or rigid slats. If you do not have slats chances are you have a divan base. Or maybe an older style base with a metal mesh with some spring in it. So what are sprung slats doing for you that …

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What Is a Tufted Mattress

What Is a Tufted Mattress

There are many different types of mattresses to choose from. Tufted mattresses are one option, but what is a tufted mattress and how are they different to other types? When most people think of a tufted mattress they think of a lots of tufts of material just packed in and waiting to burst out. The …

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Do the Japanese Sleep in Beds Futon

Do the Japanese Sleep in Beds

When thinking about the sleeping arrangements of Japanese citizens, you may ask yourself “Do the Japanese Sleep in Beds”. Traditionally Japanese people have not slept in beds like the Western World do. Instead, it’s tradition for them to sleep in futons much closer to the floor.