What is a Pocket Sprung Mattress

This quick article will help you answer the question ‘What is a Pocket Sprung Mattress? Also it will tell you the benefits of owning one. Pocket sprung mattresses were designed to deal with some of the problems people were having with the traditional spring systems. The traditional mattress comprised of rows of springs all attached together with additional wire or clips.

This style of mattress is prone to malfunctioning or breaking. When they do you can find a painful spring or piece of metal sticking out. Which is obviously very uncomfortable.

When the mattress isn’t broken it’s not the best performer either. The springs cannot follow the contours of a person’s body the way they are attached together. This can lead to back pain, joint problems, and other issues that lessen the quality of a night’s sleep. This is where the pocket stung mattress comes in.

What is a pocket sprung mattress? Pocket sprung mattresses are constructed with each individual spring being wrapped and able to work independently. This means the mattress can move and align with the body’s contours. Providing a much better sleeping position and is more beneficial to the person’s health.

What is a Pocket Sprung Mattress – The Connection between Spring Count and Quality

First of all, the number of springs doesn’t determine how firm the mattress is. There are a few different factors that affect how firm a pocket sprung mattress is.

The European standard for measuring the spring count is based on the number of springs in a King Size (5″.0) mattress. So a double will have less in proportion, and you can use this to understand the count of any size.

I always suggest that people look for a minimum spring count of 1,000. This is the standard for a quality mattress is my opinion, anything less and you are neither getting good value for money or a comfortable mattress.

Like any product there are low entry level models. But be aware that there is a health benefit to buying a good quality mattress. You don’t need to go high-end either. So don’t worry, you will find something that is both affordable and ideal.

What is a Pocket Sprung Mattress

What is a Pocket Sprung Mattress – How to Determine a Good Pocket Spring Feel

First of all, never do what’s known as the ‘Gorilla test’ on a mattress. This is when you go up to the mattress and press both your hands down and give the springs a press. It’s called this because you are forming a gorilla pose if you think about it.

There is only so much testing you can do in a shop with a few minutes. But the only way to get any kind of feel is to lie down properly for a few minutes. Try laying in the exact position you would sleep in too for added authenticity.

Give the mattress a few minutes to absorb your weight. Move around a bit too, this is to see how the movement is transferred over across the bed and how the springs react to the weight.

What is a Pocket Sprung Mattress – How to Choose a Pocket Sprung Mattress

This is both the fun part, and the difficult part. You should not cut corners when choosing mattress. Working to a budget is fine, and also a great idea. But finding maximum value for that budget while buying the right mattress is very important.

Here are few areas you should pay particular attention to:

Quality of Build

Do some due diligence into the brand’s reputation for quality, as well as the exact model you are looking at. Make sure the spring count is above 1,000 as discussed, and give the mattress a good looking over.

Fillings and Allergies

Check what materials are being used to fill the mattress. Is the mattress using hypoallergenic materials? Introducing new materials is a nightmare if you find out you are allergic to anything. So look for high quality, low risk construction.

Warranty or Guarantee

With such a large and important purchase you have to expect a good warranty. But check the small print so you know exactly what your consumer rights are and how the period to return a faulty item is.