Should You Choose a Divan or a Bed Frame?

Should You Choose a Divan or a Bed Frame

There are a lot of different bed types to choose from. But in essence, it comes down to divans and bed frames. If you are debating about should you choose a divan or a bed frame, all I can do is provide you with all the pros and cons. Then the decision is down to you and your own personal preference.

The obvious difference is that bed frames come in a much more varied range of options. While divans are simple, more affordable, and usually have storage. But let’s take a more detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of both types of bed.

Bed Frames

Headboard sizes headboard on a bed


  • Bed frames are available in varied and interesting designs
  • A quality bed frame will last many years, maybe even a lifetime
  • You have the option of sprung slats or ridged slats
  • You can find a bed with storage as desired


  • Bed frames require more assembly and are not easy to move quickly
  • Slatted bases are not always good for certain mattresses
  • If you change a room’s decor the bed may not fit in with the style


Should You Choose a Divan or a Bed Frame


  • Divans are easy to move, light, and get into your home
  • Most divans have drawers underneath for easy access storage
  • You can have a sprung edge base or just a hard platform base
  • Headboards are easily interchangeable


  • Divan bases are typically very plain and simple
  • While the storage is good, it’s not complete access to under the bed like some frames
  • They are typically not as well constructed and are more likely to break

Should You Choose a Divan or a Bed Frame

It can still be a difficult decision just based on advantages and disadvantages. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to help you make an informed decision.

What Kind of Mattress Do You Have?

The slatted base on a bed frame gives mattresses a lot more ventilation. Some mattresses are not compatible with slats however, so check into this is you already have a mattress.

How Much Space Do You Have for Your Bed?

Bed frames take up more space than divans. A divan is just a box basically and will be large enough to take the mattress size being used. Bed frames come with a lot of different parts that can add to their overall mass. Such as a large headboard, side panels, and foot boards. If you have a small room or just want to maximize your space, look into a divan.

Will You Be Changing Your Bedroom Decor Often?

While a bed frame can be a stunning centerpiece of a room, a divan can be a flexible alternative to an ever-changing decor. So if you want to keep a similar decor and have a bed to fit, choose a bed frame. If you want a simple option with a bed that will fit with any decor, a divan is more suited to you.

How Much Storage and Ease of Access Do You Want?

Ottoman bed storage

Bed frames can offer complete storage under the bed, or none at all. Divans typically come with draws in offering some storage space. An ottoman bed makes it easy to access the storage, but typically bed frames require you moving the mattress manually.

How Durable Do You Want Your Bed Frame to Be?

Obviously, beds should be used and respected with due care and attention. But a divan is going to be a lot more robust, especially if it’s just a hard base. Slatted bed frames are prone to slats breaking and needing replacing. While leather, suede, faux leather and other such trims require maintenance to be kept clean.

I wrote this article to help with the decision – should you choose a divan or a bed frame? As you can see there are pros and cons to both styles. But with the proper planning, you will find the perfect option for you.