How to Stop a Bed Moving on a Wooden Floor

How to Stop a Bed Moving on a Wooden Floor

If you want to know how to stop a bed moving on a wooden floor, I have three different methods you can use to keep your bed in place.

Anyone with laminate or wooden flooring and a bed frame on legs, like a steel or wooden frame has probably had this problem before.

Not only is it annoying having to reposition your bed all the time, it can be dangerous if you slip when getting out of bed, and it can cause some costly damage to your nice flooring.

Try one or more of the following to stop your bed sliding around, protect your bed and flooring from damage, and at the very least keep your room in order and your bed exactly where you want it.

Use Furniture Cups under the Feet

Use Furniture Cups under the FeetThis is the most common and effective solution to the problem. Furniture cups or castor cups as they are also called are designed to provide a non-slip solution to any feet or wheels on furniture.

The castor cups featured here should be large enough to hold the feet or legs of your bed. Or even the castors if you have a divan which can also cause a problem rolling around on a hard floor.

The side that is in contact with the floor is felt. So it’s soft enough that it will not damage your floor if they do move, and has enough grip to stop your bed moving unless under some serious force.

The DIY enthusiasts will be thinking, ‘I can make my own furniture cups’. Of course you can, if you have some rubber or another strong type of non-slip material then you can cut four pieces and place them under the legs of your bed. buy button

Use an Anti-Slip Mat and a Rug

Use an Anti-Slip Mat and a RugYou can use an anti-slip mat, a rug with non-slip backing, or the mat with a rug on top so it looks better on the eye than just a mat.

The key is that the mat/rug has anti-slip backing underneath so it’s not going to move when the bed tries to move.

If you’re using a mat or rug that covers the whole bed in one piece then it’s going to provide a large area of material to absorb the force trying to move the bed and should do the job.

This method is often preferred over the furniture cups as it’s more aesthetically pleasing on the eye and there are some cool rugs you can use to give your bedroom a good style, and no-one will even know it’s there to stop the bed moving. buy button

Place Your Bed Somewhere It Can’t Move

This isn’t the best option for most people, but it’s worth considering. Ideally, if your bed keeps sliding in one direction, you can place that side against a wall or a piece of furniture.

It’s not easy to do this while keeping your bedroom in order, keeping your bed in a place that’s easy for you and your partner to get in and out of, and not damaging the wall when the bed tries to move.

If good bedroom feng shui is high on your priorities this option isn’t for you. It’s a quick and easy fix for some people however.

Final Thoughts

If your bed moves around because it’s not gripping the floor you need to do something about it.

As discussed above, either moving the bed to a better position, adding furniture caps under the feet, or using a non-slip mat and rug will solve the problem.

Do it before you damage either your floor or your bed. If you think your bed is shaking or moving while you sleep check out this post.