Do Two Twin Beds Equal a King Size? – How to Double Up

Do Two Twin Beds Equal a King Size

It amazes me how often I see people joining together two divans bases, two mattresses, or mix and matching different beds to make larger beds.

It happens a lot in hotels when they want to make the most of single and double beds not in use. Or a quick fix to give a customer a king size bed when they don’t have one.

A common question is, do two twin beds equal a king size?

Well, with ‘twin’ meaning two equal size beds. iI depends on exactly what the twin bed sizes are.

UK Standard Bed Sizes

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Here are the UK standard bed sizes for the two smallest sizes. You can see how you can make a king size base from two smaller beds for a king size mattress to lay on.

UK Small Single – 75cm x 190cm (2’6’’ x 6’3’’)

UK Single – 90cm x 190cm (3’ x 6’3’’)

UK King Size – 150cm x 200cm (5’ x 6’6’’)

The Single’s are the best size to twin up. Two x Small Single beds are 150cm x 190cm vs the 150cm x 200cm of a King Size.

There is nothing you can do about the extra 10cm in length. King Size and Super King Size are 200cm in length, while other bed and mattress sizes are 190cm.

If you’re laying a King Size mattress on top of the twin Small Single beds you’re not going to notice the difference to be honest. I’ve seen this done plenty of times, and if you can let 5cm overhang each end no one will notice it’s not a King Size bed or divan base.

I would still only do this if it’s completely necessary and wouldn’t do it as a long-term solution. There is a risk of damaging the mattress and it’s going to void your warranty if the supplier knew you had it on the wrong size base.

Getting a King Size Bed to an Upstairs Bedroom

Using two smaller divan bases could be a solution to getting a King Size bed upstairs in a small apartment or if for any reason you can’t fit a King Size bed into your bedroom.

The mattress will bend a little so they aren’t usually the problem, even if the mattress is usually the largest item.

I’ve seen wooden frames that are flatpack still be too long to get round some tight stairways. As well as the two divan sections of a King Size being too large to fit up the stairs.

Two Small Singles mean you have four small divan pieces or slightly shorter flatpack items and it’s much more likely you will be able to get all the pieces into a room where the King Size wouldn’t quite fit.

Can I Make a Super King from Two Single Beds?

You can make a Super King from two Single Beds. The measurements line up as close as you’re going to get:

UK Single – 90cm x 190cm (3’ x 6’3’’)

UK SuperKing Size – 180cm x 200cm (6’ x 6’6’’)

So two x Single beds are 180cm x 190cm vs the 180cm x 200cm of a SuperKing Size. You have the same problem as the twin Small Singles making a King Size with the 10cm overhang that can’t be avoided.

In Summary

There you have it. Ways to make King and SuperKing size beds from smaller bases, or even smaller mattresses to fit on a larger base if you wish.

You can use twin Small Single beds to make a King Size. Or, twin Single beds to make a SuperKing Size.