What Are Sprung Slats

If your bed frame has slats on the base they will be either sprung slats or rigid slats. If you do not have slats chances are you have a divan base. Or maybe an older style base with a metal mesh with some spring in it. So what are sprung slats doing for you that a divan base can’t do?

Sprung slats are curved, you can see just by looking at them they have a curve bending upwards. This gives them a natural bounce that adds an extra level of support while sleeping. Divan bases are typically just a hard, flat board.

While rigid slats are another option, they completely flat and have no flexibility or offer any additional support. Larger beds have double slats as a reinforcement for the extra potential weight.

Sprung slats are found in a wide range of bed types. Not just wooden frames that match the type of wood used to make the slats. You can have slats in metal framed beds, fabrics, and also inside the construction of divans. So always take the time to lift the mattress when you’re buying a bed and take a look to see how the base is constructed.

Curved offer better support than flat slats. You will almost always find them in modern beds unless you have a specific reason to want a flat slatted base.

What Are Sprung Slats and How Do They Work?

what are sprung slats

So what are sprung slats exactly and how do they work?

Although simple in design, they have a large impact on over overall comfort of a bed. When a person lays on a mattress the weight is absorbed by the mattress and then the slats take some of the weight. They bend inwards to take the weight, and the spring back to their original position when the person gets off the bed.

Beech plywood is typically used as it has good flexible qualities and is very strong. If they do break it’s easy to just remove an individual slat and replace it too.

There are two different ways sprung slats are attached to the base of a bed. The bed will either be designed to have the slats built in to the frame. Which is usually the stronger option, but means you may need to buy custom replacements.

The other option is that the slats are attached with fixings on either side of the base. This is more of a generic design, and allows for interchangeable options and makes for easy repairs.

Why Sprung Slats Are Better Then Rigid Slats

what are rigid slats

The sprung design is a lot more commonly found and has all but replaced the rigid slat. You will see rigid slats on less expensive beds, or you can have them as an option in some instances. But the support a flexible slat offers is far superior to a rigid slat.

Sprung slats are a lot stronger and can take more weight. They absorb some of the weight on the bed and do not bend backwards, they are very strong. A rigid slat will snap if put under a lot of pressure as it is not able to bend backwards.

Rigid slats can bend a little over time. When this happens they will not return to their original position and will be damaged permanently. Reducing the support offered and giving a bed that dipping effect sometimes seen.

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