What Is a Sprung Base Divan Bed

Sprung base divan beds, also known as sprung edge divan bases, have either an open coil or pocket sprung system on the top of the divan. They are considered a more luxurious alternative to the firm divan bases. This article is going to cover what is a sprung base divan bed, as well as the other types of divan available.

You get more support from sprung bases. You will feel a little more give, and the surface is not as hard on the mattress. This typically increases the life-expectancy of the mattress. As well as providing a slightly softer feel and a better night’s sleep for most.

Divans are an alternative to bed frames. We have covered some of the pros and cons of each in another article. If you are choosing a divan, you still have some choices to make to ensure you get the right one for you.

The main choices are between the types of base, either solid or sprung being the two main types. As well as the type of drawers and how much storage you want. Obviously the look, colour and type of finish is just as important and should be considered carefully too.

Types of Spring Systems in a Sprung Divan Base

There are two main types of spring system in a sprung divan base. These are the open coil system, as found in mattresses. And the pocket sprung system, also found in mattresses and explained on this site before.

Pocket sprung systems are the higher-end option. As each spring is individually wrapped and therefore able to absorb weight and movement better than open coils. Making the bed a lot more comfortable for couples.

I would always recommend buying pocket sprung if your budget allows for it. It’s a much better system than open coil and you can really tell the difference. It’s particularly useful if you have a thin mattress, or are a light sleeper. You are less likely to be disturbed.

The Difference Between Firm Edge and Sprung Edge Divan Bases

What Is a Sprung Base Divan Bed

There are two different types of sprung base in technical bed speak. These are firm edge, and sprung edge. A firm edge divan base has a lower amount of springs and they are situated in a wooden frame. These are the entry level models and are usually less expensive.

Sprung edge divan bases are a lot more comfortable. They have springs across the whole of the base and provide a complete support to the mattress. These come with more options and allow for a lot more flexibility.

The downside to a sprung edge is that by sitting on the edge of the bed or rolling to the edge you can feel as though you are going to roll out. It takes a bit of getting used to at first. But with a good mattress and being aware of the sprung base there is nothing to worry about and it’s the most popular option.

What Are Platform Divan Bases?

A platform divan base is just a firm base. It’s usually fiberboard or some other wooden material and offers no give at all. This is the least expensive option of divan base.
Some mattresses will actually specify they need to be sat on a firm base. Or you may just want to have a firmer feel from your bed, there are several reasons why someone may choose they type of base.

Divan Bases and Drawers

divan base with drawers

You can get drawers in all styles of divan base. Always check which side the drawers are on, if only on one side. Make sure they fit in with where you will be positioning the bed in the bedroom.

Which Type of Divan Base Is Best?

I have covered the different types of divan bed in this article, but it’s not possible for me to tell you which one is best for you. This is something you need to decide based on your budget, space, preference, mattress, etc

You should now be aware what is a sprung base divan better than and how it compares against the other types of bed on the market. There are some really nice looking and interesting divans available. You can find something that fits in perfectly with your decor for sure.

Obviously you always want to find good value for money. But if your budget allows I always recommend buying the best quality you can. Having a pocket sprung base is worth paying for as you will likely have a better night’s sleep. That is the main goal after all.