What Is a Tufted Mattress

There are many different types of mattresses to choose from. Tufted mattresses are one option, but what is a tufted mattress and how are they different to other types?

When most people think of a tufted mattress they think of a lots of tufts of material just packed in and waiting to burst out. The reason manufactures use tufts is actually to help keep all the internal materials in place. Without the tufts, the springs would cave in and cause an uneven and uncomfortable surface.

Tufts have plastic ends, although when properly fitted there is no way a person would feel the hard ends. They are well protected by other materials and just keep the tufts stable and in place.

It’s on the cheaper mattresses that the tufts can stick out or become loose and move. This is why quality should always be a consideration. You can add a topper to mask small parts poking up. But if you are sensitive to such things you are probably better suited with a quilted mattress.

The Hand Tufting Process

Hand tufting goes back long into the history of mattress making. The tufts were pushed in by hand and secured inside the mattress to create pockets of tufts. This gives the mattress a comfortable feel and distributes the weight with each pocket reacting to the weight individually, and in mass.

Typically hand tufted mattresses have a padded surface and are medium to firm. This is due to the manufacturing process which requires some compressing actions to pack the tufts in.

The tufts act like coils. So the more tufts in a mattress and the more they have been compressed, the firmer a mattress will be. Always test and read the manufacturing specifications of a tufted mattress before purchasing it to understand the feel it will offer.

Memory form mattresses are not hand tufted. The foam has different properties and needs to return to its original shape after use. Therefore it cannot be tufted. In some instances a mattress will have a tufted center with a memory foam topper, these are different to pure memory foam mattresses.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses and Tufts

Possibly the most common type of mattress to utilize tufts is a pocket sprung. Pocket sprung mattresses have hundreds, or thousands of individually pocketed springs. Having tufts as fillings helps keep all of these pockets in position and gives the mattress a comfortable feel.

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Tufting is the strongest and most secure method of securing fillings in a mattress. When properly looked after you can expect a quality mattress of this construction to last it’s projected lifespan without causing any discomfort. Now you know the answer to what is a tufted mattress, you can see a lot goes into making them and that is why a good comfortable long lasting mattress costs more than you would first expect.