White Noise vs Pink Noise vs Brown Noise: Which Helps You Sleep Better?

White Noise vs Pink Noise vs Brown Noise for Sleep

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep I’m sure you have tried various things. Essential oils, different pillows, sleeping positions, eating earlier… but have you tried noise?

That’s right, instead of trying to create a quiet environment, you might actually respond better to more noise.

But not just any kind of noise. You’ve probably heard of white noise, maybe you’ve even tried it, however, there is also pink noise and brown noise that helps some people sleep better.

In this article, I look at white noise vs pink noise vs brown noise for sleep to see which type of noise will be best for you to help you sleep deeper, drift off quicker, and have a more satisfying and energizing sleep.

White Noise vs Pink Noise vs Brown Noise: Which Will Help You Sleep Better?

Let’s take a look at each of these types of noise. What they are, what they sound like, and why they help people sleep better.

Have a read and see which you think applies to you. Why not give one of these types of noise a try tonight and see if it helps.

What Is White Noise?

White noise is great for masking other sounds that might be disturbing you as it’s a collection of frequencies across the whole noise spectrum.

It’s effective at doing this because our brains can only process a certain number of frequencies at any given time.

So when white noise is being played your brain will block out the other noises in the background that may have been disturbing you.

Benefits of White Noise for Improved Sleep

  • Helps you to relax
  • Masks other noise that might be disturbing you
  • Calming for babies and children

Who Will White Noise Help?

White noise is particularly helpful for babies and young children. They associate the noise with the comfort of the womb and most respond well by drifting off easier and sleeping through the night.

It’s also helpful for adults. If you like the sound then I would give it a try. Sometimes it takes a few nights to get used to it, but once you are you’ll see and feel the results of a better night’s sleep.

What Does White Noise Sound Like?

What Is Pink Noise?

Pink noise uses lower frequencies than white noise while still covering the entire spectrum. As such, a lot of people find pink noise easier to listen to when they are trying to sleep.

It sounds more like heavy rainfall or strong winds than the more mechanical sounding white noise.

Benefits of Pink Noise for Improved Sleep

  • Helps you sleep better
  • Can relieve headaches
  • Helps improve focus and concentration

Who Will Pink Noise Help?

People who don’t like the sound of white noise often prefer pink noise as the lower tones are easier on the ears.

It’s also good if you have difficulty studying and concentrating. Students sometimes utilize pink noise to help them study and have seen the results to show it works.

What Does Pink Noise Sound Like?

What Is Brown Noise?

Brown noise, also called red noise sometimes was developed by Robert Brown. It uses low frequencies like Pink Noise but sounds like a ‘lighter’ buzz than the duller hiss of the Pink Noise.

To me it sounds a bit like a waterfall, I’ve heard other people describe it as sounding like a train or some kind of machine.

Benefits of Brown Noise for Improved Sleep

  • Helps you drift off and improves overall sleep
  • Aids reading and concentrating
  • Improves focus and concentration

Who Will Brown Noise Help?

Like all the type of noise I’ve covered, Brown Noise can help you sleep. It’s also great for helping you concentrate if you have work or studying to do, and a lot of people play it in the background while they are reading.

I’ve also heard people who suffer from tinnitus say that brown noise in particular has worked wonders for them in lessening the noise they hear due to their condition.

It’s an interesting sound as you’ll hear below. Try playing it in the background next time you’re doing something that requires your undivided attention and see if it helps.

What Does Brown Noise Sound Like?

Final Thoughts

With all the White, Pink, and Brown noise tracks that are available for free on YouTube it’s easy to go check some out.

Whether you want to see if they help you study better, sleep better, relieve headaches, or lessen your tinnitus, give some of these colors sounds a try.

If you’re listening in bed as you sleep and don’t want to disturb your partner try using a music pillow, or if you’re using headphones check out these headphones for use in bed.