Silentnight Pocket Spring Double Mattress

This Silentnight Pocket Spring Double Mattress has 1,000 individually positioned pocket springs. Giving excellent support and across the body, and minimal disturbance to the partner. The pocket springs in a mattress, the more comfortable a mattress is.

This mattress is designed to be very comfortable, it’s crafted from soft knitted fabrics and is very comfortable. User feedback is very positive, most users report having a very good nights sleep. This pocket spring double mattress delivers great value for money, for a 1,000 spring mattress you won’t find a much more affordable model.

Mattress Care

Just simply rotate the mattress 180 degrees every couple of months. This will help ensure level wear of the springs are increase its life expectancy. The mattress is not designed to be turned over, do not do that with this model.

Cleaning these mattresses is very easy, use a beater to hit the surface dust and use a vacuum. Any stains should be cleaned up with a damp cloth immediately. This pocket spring double mattress should last many years if cared for properly.

Pros of A Pocket Spring Double Mattress

  • 1,000 individual pocket springs
  • No turning needed, easy care technology
  • UK made
  • Soft, comfortable knitted fabric