What Is Important When Looking for a New Mattress?

Looking for a new mattress is not as simple as just picking the first one you come across. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. So what is important when looking for a new mattress if you want to have a good night’s sleep.

You deserve a good night’s sleep, and this should be the main concern when shopping for a new mattress. Your health depends on it. I understand you will be working to a budget and have a certain feel in mind. This is fine, you will find the perfect mattress if you take the time to look.

At the very least there are four major factors to take into consideration when it comes to buying a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive. These are spine support, temperature, edge support and motion transfer.

Let’s take a look at these factors in more detail so you know exactly what is important when looking for a new mattress. As well as how to find these features and all within your budget.

Spine Support

This is incredibly important. If you suffer with back pain you will already be aware of how important a good mattress with support for your back is.

If you don’t currently suffer with any back pain, it’s equally as important to ensure you never do. A good quality mattress will keep your spine straight while you’re sleeping.

This means it’s just the right firmness to adjust to the contours of your body. While providing support and being comfortable enough not to disturb your sleep.

There are a lot of different mattress fillings to choose from and it will largely come down to which you prefer. But make sure you test the mattress for stability and choose a quality mattress that will offer excellent back support.

Spine Support


Ideally a mattress will regulate with your own body temperature. This is a feature most people do not think about or are even aware of. Quality memory foam mattresses are the best at doing this, keeping you cool in summer and retaining your warmth in the winter.

Body temperature is an important factor when having a good night’s sleep. You can check a mattresses temperature properties by looking at reviews before buying it.

You also need to take into account the duvet and pillows you will be using. Being comfortable on your mattress is no good if you’re too hot. This is definitely worth some consideration.

Edge Support

This is a more recent feature to be widely used on mattresses and has proved to be incredibly important. Edge supports mean the sides of the mattress are reinforced, so as you roll to the edge you don’t gain momentum and roll off.

This prolongs the life of a mattress too as it stops the edges sagging. We all move around a lot in our sleep, and lean on the edge when getting in and out of bed. Buy a mattress with reinforced edges.

You can tell if a mattress has reinforced edges just by sitting on the edge. You don’t typically get this option on memory foam mattresses. However it’s not as important as they are typically firmer and are designed to distribute your weight better.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer means that when two people are sleeping on a mattress their movements do not disturb the other person. If you have ever rolled to the middle of the bed or felt the springs beneath you moving when your partner moves you will appreciate this.

A good mattress will absorb the movement without a rippling effect. Think of a water bed as an extreme example, every little movement is transferred throughout the bed.

A stiff bed on the other hand is the opposite, you will not feel or notice a thing with movement. So you want a mattress that fits all the comfy criteria above, while being able to absorb motion transfer.

Mattresses with pocket springs and individually wrapped springs are good at absorbing movement. This is something that you will be best testing in the showroom. Don’t be shy about laying on the bed and moving about to test it. That’s why they are on the showroom floor.

For most people a medium or firm mattress ends up being the best option. The idea of having a nice soft mattress that feels like you’re laying on clouds is just not realistic. They allow the person to bounce around too much, don’t offer back stability, and don’t last as long as a firm mattress either.

You should consider all these things when deciding what Is important when looking for a new mattress?

The difficulty in buying a mattress is that it takes weeks sometimes to find out how suited you are too it. This is difficult when you are trying to test them out in the showroom. So go in with your needs and wants and try to find a helpful sales man.