Best Latex Foam Mattresses: 5 Incredibly Comfortable and Quality Picks

Latex foam mattresses are one of the less common types of mattress. Yet the right latex mattress might just give you the best night’s sleep you ever had.

They are incredibly comfortable, offer great support, last a long longer than spring mattresses, stay cooler than memory foam, and they are typically more environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

There are some factors to be aware of when shopping for latex mattresses however, and most people aren’t aware of what the pros and cons are. Let’s take a more detailed look to help you with your decision:

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Latex Mattresses vs Memory Foam Mattresses

Latex mattresses are one of the most eco-friendly and hypoallergenic types of mattress available. So I can say right away that if you’re suffering from any allergies and struggling with other mattresses, you need to check out latex.

They tend to be naturally firmer, and although you can get thinner mattresses or a combination with other materials some people find them a little too firm.

Memory foam on the other hand, are typically more comfortable. The foam has more responsiveness and follows the contours of your body a little better.

Memory foam mattresses are manufactured with more chemicals and some can cause allergic reactions in some people. They also retain more heat, and when new there is a period of time when they have a chemical smell.

While feel and comfort is going to be the largest factor in deciding on a mattress, being eco-friendly and keeping you cool are also factors to consider.

Latex Mattresses vs Spring Mattresses

When looking at latex vs spring mattresses the largest difference is the life expectancy. Latex can last between for up to 50 years while retaining its shape and support.

Most spring mattresses are made with synthetic materials and unless they are specifically classified as hypoallergenic you can assume they are not. While latex is a lot more eco-friendly and uses more natural materials.

Why Are Latex Mattresses Not More Popular?

One huge drawback – cost. Latex is an expensive material, as with most high-cost items you get a quality product as a result, but for a lot of people it’s just not justifiable to pay the extra for latex.

This is why a lot of latex mattresses will only have a layer of latex on the top of the mattress. This keeps the costs down and still provide the feel of latex on the top of the mattress.

Dunlop vs Talalay Latex

There are two different types of latex used in mattresses; Dunlop, and Talalay.

Dunlop latex was the first type to be used in mattresses. It’s a long-lasting, durable, quality form of latex and can be produced for less cost than Talalay.

Talalay latex was invented to provide a softer and more supportive sleep than Dunlop. There are more synthetic materials that go into the manufacturing process, and it’s typically more expensive as a result.

5 of the Best Latex Foam Mattresses

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*The links above will take you over to Amazon where you can see customer feedback and the latest prices and offers.

Rest Assured Norham Natural Latex

Rest Assured Norham Natural LatexIf your budget allows for a high-end quality mattress than this natural latex mattress from Rest Assured is going to be the one for you.

It’s a handmade pocket sprung mattress with 2,000 springs. So you know you’re going to have great support all over your body and a wonderful night’s sleep.

There is a natural latex pillow top to give you the comfort and ease of movement on the top of mattress. It has self-cleaning technology to eliminate dust mites and mould, and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

It’s available in single, double, UK king and super king sizes, and the firmness is best described as medium. Although the high amount of pocket springs means the heavier the user the more give they will receive. buy button

Happy Beds Bliss Memory Latex

Happy Beds Bliss Memory LatexThis latex orthopedic mattress from Happy Beds is available to order in a wide range of sizes; single, small double, double, UK king, super king, as well as Euro single, Euro double, and Euro King.

This mattress has a 5cm layer of memory foam covered with a 2cm layer of natural Talalay latex. Talalay is a high-quality latex material offering a superb night’s sleep, making this one of the better mattresses on the market.

It’s hypoallergenic, making it a popular choice for those who suffer from allergies. Naturally repels dust mites too which is always a desirable quality I look for in a mattress.

The outer cover is sanitized fabric with a zipped double cover. You can easily remove for washing and dry cleaning, so no concerns about keeping your mattress clean and hygienic. buy button

Viscotherapy Orthopaedic Latex

Viscotherapy Orthopaedic LatexThis latex mattress from Viscotherapy combines 16cm of high-density Ortho Reflex Foam base with 2cm of Natural Talalay Latex on the top for the comfort and feel of latex.

This means you get the support and comfort from the latex top, while the foam layer beneath absorbs the pressure and gives stability to the mattress. The cover is removable and washable.

This mattress comes with a 5-year warranty. Quality latex is expected to last a lifetime while retaining its shape and comfort however. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, ideal for all kinds of sleeper and provides an excellent night’s sleep.

This mattress is available in double (135cm x 190cm/4’6”) and small double (120cm x 190cm/4’0”). You can place it on a divan or slatted base without problem and latex keeps you cooler than memory foam too which is nice. buy button

Baldiflex 100% Natural Latex

Baldiflex 100% Natural LatexThis mattress from Baldiflex is made with 100% natural latex and comes with all the benefits that a latex mattress has to offer.

The mattress is breathable to help keep you cool, all the materials are non-toxic to keep bacteria, mites, and other unwanted nasties at bay and the mattress follows the contours of your body providing excellent support.

The cover has zippers on each side, simply zip along the sides to remove the cover and put it through a wash at 30C, allow it to dry naturally and replace.

There are 7 different support zones designed across the mattress. Great support from head to toe regardless if you’re a side, front, or back sleeper. If you’re looking for a latex mattress this should be a consideration. buy button

Naturalex Thermosoft 7 Zone Latex

Naturalex Thermosoft 7 Zone LatexThis is a great latex mattress from Naturalex. It’s 20cm thick, comprising of 12cm density naturalex Blue latex, and 2 x 3cm aquapur soft breathable ecological lining. The result – a soft, supportive, mattress with the healing effect of natural Aloe Vera extracts.

The mattress is designed to give support across 7 comfort zones from head to toe. Offering a superb, restful night’s sleep. If you needed any convincing that latex delivers a relaxing sleep, this is the product to try.

The aquapur material has a memory effect as it works with your contours. It wicks away sweat and moisture and helps to regulate your body temperature in the summer months. The “honeycomb” pattern gives this mattress impressive air circulation and a really satisfying sleeping experience. buy button