Best Dust Mite Pillow Covers: Put a Stop to Dust Allergies!

Best Dust Mite Pillow Covers

If you suffer from allergies while sleeping it’s likely dust mites are causing your irritation and allergy flare-ups, and your pillow is going to be the main culprit.

An anti-allergy pillow is going to make a huge difference, and so is using any of the best dust mite pillow covers I’ve reviewed in this article for you.

Best Dust Mite Pillow Covers: 5 of the Best

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Symptoms That Your Pillow / Pillow Case Has Dust Mites

Dust allergies can cause a wide range of health issues from puffy eyes and sneezing to serious asthma attacks, so you should always be looking for ways to deal with the triggers.

If you’re experiencing any of the following you are probably experiencing an allergic reaction to the dust mites in your pillow:

  • Wheezing
  • Sneezing
  • Itching
  • Teary eyes
  • Blocked nasal passages
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Skin blemishes

What Are Dust Mites?

Dust mites or bed mites as they are also called are commonly found in homes, so don’t worry you’re not being singled out! They thrive in humid places and feed off dust particles and dead skin in particular.

Which is why pillows are the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. It’s not because you’re not cleaning enough, so don’t worry it’s not your fault.

A lot of people can sleep happily on their pillows without triggering any allergies. But if you’re part of the unfortunate percentage of the population that is suffering, you need to do something about it as it’ll only worsen.

I’ve seen all kinds of homemade remedies and treatments to rid bedding and pillow covers of dust mites, but they are just not as effective as using a dust mite resistant pillow cover.

The best way to minimize and hopefully stop your allergic reactions to the dust mites in your pillow is by using a pillow cover that’s been specifically designed to repel the mites.

Take a look at the reviews of the 5 dust mite pillow covers below to see just how and why they can help.

Getting back to having a good night’s sleep needs to be your number one priority, as I’m sure you’ll agree!

Dust Mite Proof Bedding: Top Pillow Cover Links

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Euroallergy Anti Allergy Dust Mite Proof Pillowcases

Euroallergy Anti Allergy Dust Mite Proof Pillowcases

These pillowcases are made of Evolon 100 fabric which has been certified by ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) as being effective at repelling dust mites and other allergy triggers.

Basically, the material has pores that are microscopically small and block allergenic particles from passing through which stops these particles irritating your allergies while you sleep.

Just simply place the anti-mite cover over your pillow. Your pillow will be completely encased in the anti-allergy Evolon fabric.

You will notice the difference the first night you use this cover. It’s a complete shield against mites, debris, and other allergens that have been trigging your sinuses, asthma, and allergies up to now.

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Non-noisy Terry Towelling Waterproof Anti Allergy Pillow Protectors

Non-noisy Terry Towelling Waterproof Anti Allergy Pillow Protectors

These Terry pillow protectors, ‘Keeps dust mites, allergens, bacteria molds, microbes, and bed bugs from ruining a good night’s sleep.’

From itching to a sore throat, blocked nose, skin flare-ups, or asthma triggers, using these anti-allergy protectors will reduce all these symptoms from being irritated by allergens overnight.

The noise reducing Miracle membrane backing is a noteworthy feature too if you get easily disturbed while sleeping and have tried those plastic-type protectors before.

Being waterproof, breathable and having an easy to use zip cover means your pillow is fully protected inside and you can easily move it for a wash.

They are available in pack or 2 or 4, and fit pillows 50cm x 75cm a smaller.

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Highliving Zipped Quilted Anti Allergy Pillow Protectors

Highliving Zipped Quilted Anti Allergy Pillow Protectors

I’ve included these anti-allergy protectors from Highliving as an affordable way to try out some anti-allergy covers to see if they help you sleep better.

A lot of customers use these as generic pillow protectors. But the manufacturer does state that they have anti-allergenic fillings and have been designed to reduce allergens and give you a better night’s sleep.

They are a zipper fit, with diamond quilting for padding on the surface and extra softness. So, the will give your existing pillow some extra life along with reducing allergy triggers.

The covers come in packs of two. So you can encase both your pillows or share with a partner, they measure 48cm x 74cm and are machine washable at 40C.

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EGYPTO Anti Allergy Wrinkle-Resistant Pillowcases

EGYPTO Anti Allergy Wrinkle-Resistant Pillowcases

EGYPTO have a range of anti-allergy bedding so you can pick up a complete set including fitted sheets too if you want to go all in on the anti-allergy bedding.

They are also available in 11 colours, so from blue to red, you can match your bedroom decor.

The material is a rich scope of cotton and polyester. The manufacturer states their anti-allergy properties come from the tightly woven fibres and high-quality materials.

They don’t detail any anti-allergy fibres or fillings as the other pillowcases and covers reviewed here. So, I recommend taking a closer look for yourself reading some of the customer feedback and making a decision from there.

There is no questioning the quality however, and the choice of colours is a huge selling point for a lot of people.

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Hotel Special Dust-Proof Anti Allergy Pillow Set

Hotel Special Dust-Proof Anti Allergy Pillow Set

The big hotel chains are known for using anti-allergy pillowcases and bedding that leaves a good impression on their guests, and these pillow covers are advertised as being hotel grade.

On that note, you can find out where to buy beds and mattresses that the Hilton and Marriott chains use by clicking their names.

They are made with a breathable, chemical and toxic-free fabric, helping you keep cool while keeping allergies at bay so you’re allergies are not triggered.

They are machine washable and stay wrinkle-free. Excellent pillow covers for you and your partner, or for your guest room to give guests that hotel-style treatment.

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