Best Pillow for Asthma UK: Pillows That Help You Sleep Better!

Best Pillow for Asthma

There are few things worse than having an asthma attack in the night as anyone who has experienced this will agree.

Not only can it be terrifying, but losing sleep on a regular basis can lead to a whole new set of health issues that compound the issue of dealing with your asthma.

If you’re struggling with allergies overnight did you know that your pillow might the culprit?

If you’re sleeping on a non-hypoallergenic pillow that’s not made from the fibres and materials needed to repel mildew, dust mites, bacteria and the other things that trigger allergies you’re putting your health at risk.

The good news is that there are plenty of affordable pillows on the market specifically designed to lessen allergies while you sleep.

In this article, I’ve gathered some of the best pillows for asthma, eczema, sinusitis, and all kinds of allergies, check them out and see which is most suitable for you:

Best Pillow for Asthma: Our 5 Top Picks

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What Makes a Pillow Good for Asthma Sufferers?

I’m sure you’ve see the words, ‘hypoallergenic,’ and ‘anti-allergy,’ used to describe pillows and other bedding, but what does this mean exactly?

I can explain:

Hypoallergenic means that the pillow is a lot less likely to cause an allergic reaction due to the manufacturing process used.

It’s not a guarantee that your allergies will not be triggered, and there are no set standards to govern the processes used to give a product a, ‘hypoallergenic’ tag.

Anti-allergy means that the product has been manufactured with materials and fillings that have been treated to repel and stop bacteria, mold and other allergy triggers from being present.

This can be done a number of ways and in my experience, some anti-allergy products are better than others.

But it’s some reassurance that the product does not contain the kinds of materials that allow dust mites and other allergy triggers to be present.

Types of Pillow to Look for If You Have Asthma

Along with the hypoallergenic and anti-allergy tags there are some materials that are a lot better for asthma sufferers than others, these are:


One of the more expensive materials for pillows, but Talalay and Dunlop latex pillows are very effective at reducing allergies and asthma.

I’ve covered some of the benefits of sleeping on a latex pillow before. They provide excellent support, are easy to clean, and are naturally hypoallergenic.

Memory Foam

You will notice memory foam being advertised as hypoallergenic. This is largely due to the structure of the foam naturally repelling dust mites.

Memory foam is also a good choice because it offers excellent support, is easy to clean, affordable, and you’ll find shapes of pillow for all sleeping positions.

Synthetic Fiberfill

You may have fallen in love with the feel of real feathers or down pillows, but they are the worst for asthma sufferers as they harbor dust, mites, and all kinds of allergy triggers.

Synthetic fiberfill pillows offer an almost identical feel while being much more allergy friendly. If this is your preferred feel over memory foam there are plenty to choose from.


Bamboo pillows are a great choice if you want a soft feel, a pillow that keeps cooler than synthetic fibers, and a material that is naturally hypoallergenic.

If you’ve never tried bamboo pillows, sheets, or other bedding it’s a unique and luxurious feel. Definitely has to be tried, especially in the summer months.

What Firmness Do I Need?

Everyone has different preferences and requirements. But regardless of allergies, you should be focusing on using a pillow that offers excellent support.

Here are some tips to help you find a firmness that will offer the best support depending on your sleeping position:

Stomach Sleepers – While this is not recommended as the healthiest sleeping position, if you sleep on your front you need a thin, soft pillow. Otherwise, you’ll be putting stress on your neck by tilting your head up.

Back Sleepers – You should consider a medium firmness pillow if you sleep on your back. This will help support the curve of your neck and reduce those aches and pains your old pillow might have been responsible for.

Side Sleepers – A firm pillow is best for side sleepers as it’s important that your pillow fills that gap between your shoulders and neck. If you’re the kind of person who likes to curl up and scrunch your pillow a medium should be fine.

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Best Pillow for Asthma Reviews

Silentnight Anti Allergy Pillows

A friend pointed me in the direction of these anti-allergy pillows from Silentnight. She’s been using them for a few months and can’t speak highly enough of them.

They are filled with an anti-allergy hollow fibre filling designed to prohibit dust mites, bacteria, and other allergy triggers, so they tick the boxes for someone irritated by allergies.

They are one of the softest pillows I’ve reviewed, so perfect for all the pillow huggers out there and the front and side sleepers.

Silentnight says they are also suitable for back sleepers too. If you’re currently using a soft pillow and getting all the support you need, go for it.

Generally speaking, you should be using a medium to firm pillow if you’re sleeping on your back so I’d consider the Dunlopillo latex above.

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Luxurious Anti Allergy Bamboo Pillow

As discussed above, bamboo pillows are really effective at reducing allergy triggers and allowing asthma sufferers to breathe better while they sleep.

This pillow is made with a 100% microfibre filling. It has all the naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties of bamboo bedding items and will keep those dust mites away which are one of the main triggers of asthma.

It measures 50cm x 75cm and is wrapped in a 300 thread quilted material for the softest feel you’ll find.

It’s not too thick and has a medium firmness so most sleeping positions are fine. Some side sleepers might need another pillow underneath if it’s a little too thin.

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Homescapes Super Microfibre Bounce Back Pillows

This is a twin pack of pillows, so can either stack two if you’re a side sleeper or crunch up your pillows, or give one to your partner to try out.

They are available in a wide range of sizes too. The more options the better in my opinion, so give your best pillowcase a measure and find the best fit.

The filling and cover are made from 100% microfibre which is why these are advertised as hypoallergenic.

Feedback is that they are soft to medium firmness, so not ideal for a back sleeper or someone needing solid support.

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Dunlopillo Latex Covered Anti Allergy Pillow

Latex isn’t a popular choice for pillows as it has a rubber-like texture and feel, but if you’re dealing with allergies and asthma you should consider latex as it very effective at reducing allergy triggers.

Latex feels and reacts a lot like memory foam, so if you’re used to memory foam you should make a seamless move over to latex.

It’s on the firmer end of the scale. So pretty good for most sleeping positions other than front sleepers.

Some of the added benefits are that latex is easy to clean, lasts for years without losing any form, and provides excellent support.

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Lancashire Bedding Premium 100% Cotton Anti Allergy Pillows

The synthetic filling in these Lancashire Bedding pillows is a 100% anti-allergy spiral fibre, and they have a 100% pure cotton cover.

They say the filling is effective at protecting against dust mites and bacteria. Two of the main reasons pillows can trigger asthma attacks, and they are machine washable too which is a huge plus for me.

They are advertised as being ideal for asthma, eczema, and allergy sufferers. So they should help improve the quality of your sleep and breathing whatever affect your allergies are causing.

The firmness is medium, so great for side sleepers and can be suitable for front and back sleepers. Check the measurements against your current pillow if you’re happy with your sleeping support.

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