Best Pillows for Reading in Bed – Our Top 5 Picks

If, like me, you enjoy relaxing in bed with a good book, you need a pillow that’s going to support you in a comfortable reading position. Else, you will be waking up with a stiff neck and back the next day, and that’s not fun.

There are pillows designed for reading in bed. I’ve tried a few myself and know what it takes to stay comfortable and supported while reading. I will give you the rundown on 5 of the best pillows for reading in bed:

5 of the Best Pillows to Use While Reading in Bed

PillowKey PointsPriceOverall Rating
Aidapt Foam Bed Wedge2-way use, lightweight££4/5
Hometexstyle V Shaped Luxury Support PillowV-Shape for reading support, ease of use£4/5
Kenmont Luxury Reading Support PillowKenmont Luxury Reading Support Pillow££3/5
Flex Foam 2-Way Bed Wedge PillowFlex Foam 2-Way Bed Wedge Pillow££4/5
Halovie Triangle Reading Support PillowReduces neck pain and headaches, water layer££4.5/5

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Aidapt Foam Bed Wedge

Aidapt Foam Bed WedgeThis pillow has been designed to offer reclining or upright support while you’re in bed. It can also help with other issues like snoring and acid reflux, and as a support under your legs or knees to relieve pressure while you’re sleeping.

You can use it in two different ways, either standing on it’s smallest base for an upright position perfect for reading. Or, as you can see in the picture it provides a lower reclining angle for you to watch TV or just elevate yourself.

You can place it under your mattress too if you want to change the angle of your mattress. It’s constructed from high-density polyurethane foam, so it’s firm but comfortable with a little give.

The cover is removable and fully washable. The dimensions of this pillow wedge are 61cm x 61cm x 25.4 cm. (24” x 24” x 10”). buy button

Hometexstyle V Shaped Luxury Support Pillow

Hometexstyle V Shaped Luxury Support PillowV-shaped pillows give you extra support while sitting up in bed, or in chairs for that matter. The best thing about V-shaped pillows is how easy they are to move around and position. They feel great around the back of the neck and you can shuffle into the perfect position.

Reading in bed without proper support puts your neck and back under strain and pulls on the muscles without you being aware of it at the time. By wrapping a V pillow behind you, you can sink into the pillow at your own comfort and take all the pressure off your neck and shoulders.

The cover is removable and fully washable. The dimensions of this V-shape pillow are 25.4cm x 19.8cm x 2.4 cm. It’s constructed from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. buy button

Kenmont Luxury Reading Support Pillow

Kenmont Luxury Reading Support PillowThe design of this Kenmont reading support pillow is the classic reading pillow design. It has a full wrap around like a chair and supports your back, neck, shoulders, and arms.

The filling and materials used give this product a luxury feeling that isn’t matched by many others. It’s constructed with high-quality cotton and plush, hemp. It’s packed with plump filling to avoid sinkage over time.

There is a handle so you can pick it up and move it around with one hand easily. It’s available in a wide range of fabric choices, from different colors, to grid and squared patterns, so you’ll find a style to suit your bedroom decor.

The dimensions of this reading support pillow are 35cm x 55cm x 20cm. The extra tall back and large armrests make it suitable for people of all sizes, and one of the best bes rest pillow with arms. buy button

Flex Foam 2-Way Bed Wedge Pillow

Flex Foam 2-Way Bed Wedge PillowThis Flex Foam wedge pillow has been designed to offer support and comfort at two different angles. On its end, the pillow provides support while reading in bed or sitting up.

Or, you can lay it flat to give you a sleeping position that can help with certain health issues. Like respiratory problems while sleeping, acid reflux, back pain, and you can relieve swelling in your legs by elevating them.

One of the best features is that this wedge is its 20” width. This makes it large enough to lounge out with a good book and get comfortable. It’s known to keep its shape too, so it’s going to be your reading companion for some time.

The dimensions of this bed wedge pillow are 52cm x 46cm x 28cm. (20” x 18” x 11”). The cover is removable via a zip and machine washable. buy button

Halovie Triangle Reading Support Pillow

Halovie Triangle Reading Support PillowThis triangle reading pillow is a good example of a versatile pillow that offers all the support you need while reading in bed. It even has a handy little pocket on the side for your book or kindle!

Wedge shaped pillows are designed to support the ‘S’ shape curve of your back and aid a good seated posture. They alleviate lower back pain and protect the discs in your back from compressing due to bad posture.

This pillow is available in purple, rose, orange, green, cyan, and brown. The cover zips off and is machine washable, and is filled with super-soft, but durable high-quality pearl wool.

It’s available in two sizes. The dimensions are of the small are, 40cm x 36cm x 20cm. The medium is, 47cm x 45cm x 23cm. buy button

Why Use a Reading Pillow?

It’s a natural assumption that you can just manipulate your sleeping pillows to the position you want to support you while reading in bed. But they just aren’t designed for this purpose and will not offer enough support.

Reading pillows are designed to support you while reading. They are firmer than head pillows and give you much steeper angles to support you seated up.

Some, like the Kenmont reviewed above also offer arm support. Helping you take the tension off your arms while holding a book. While wedge-style pillows elevate you into a reading position, while giving you a comfortable surface to you can relax.

As with all pillows, there are various styles, designs, and degrees of firmness. Because the decision is largely going to come down to personal choice. We all have different body shapes and sizes and find different angles comfortable.

Try not to make a decision based on price or looks, choose a reading pillow that will offer the kind of support you want and need. Otherwise, you’re going to develop pain in your back, neck, and shoulders.