Best Plagiocephaly Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome: 5 Top Picks

Best Plagiocephaly Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome

Plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome as it’s more commonly called is a fairly common condition that affects newborns, and even little ones that are a few months old.

If you’re concerned about Flat Head Syndrome or have been advised by your pediatrician to use the best plagiocephaly pillow for your child I’ve reviewed five of the best in this article to help you with your decision.

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What is Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)?

Plagiocephaly is a condition that causes a visible flat spot on a baby’s head. Although it can be alarming at first, it’s often not hard to correct with the right care.

There are a few reasons a baby will develop a flat spot. The most common reason is due to pressure being put on the area of the baby’s head.

Their skulls are soft and for some babies, they can develop a flat spot from just laying on their head in the same position for prolonged periods.

It’s more likely with babies that sleep really well without moving much, premature babies that may have an even softer skull than those born on date or later, and babies with unusually large heads.

How Does a Plagiocephaly Pillow Help?

Plagiocephaly pillows are designed to relieve and spread the pressure from being concentrated on a certain spot on your child’s head.

They typically have an indentation or a hole in the middle of the pillow so it cradles the head. They are made with soft, breathable materials, and usually, end up helping a child sleep better as well as resolving flat head syndrome.

The best thing is, the pillows are easy to take with you on the move. You can use it in their carriers, car seats, wherever they lay their heads.

What to Look for When Buying a Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome

Mimos Flat Head Baby Pillow Size Guide Selection

Safety is always the first concern when shopping for products for newborns and young children.

I always advise reading through plenty of reviews from other parents who have used the pillows. Which is why I’ve only included pillows that have a decent amount of positive feedback.

Here are some of the things to look out for when choosing the best pillow for your child:

Check the Recommended Age Range

You will notice some pillows are not to be used for babies over 6 months old, while some are. Make sure you’re buying a pillow suitable for the age of your child and only use it as recommended.

Check this post if you’re looking for the best toddler pillows.

Check the Recommended Head Size

There aren’t head sizes on all pillows and you can make a good judgment if not. But if there is a size guide then check the pillow is going to be a good fit.

Check It’s Pediatrician Recommended

All of the best pillows on the market have either been designed by pediatricians, or the manufacturers have had them tested and recommended by a pediatrician. It’s an extra vote of confidence that you’re buying a quality pillow.

Best Plagiocephaly Pillow Reviews

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*Note – the above links take you to Amazon where you can see further reviews and ratings.

BABYMOOV Lovenest Original PillowBABYMOOV Lovenest Original Pillow

BABYMOOV make a range of excellent, highly rated products for newborns and babies and their pillows have a lot of positive feedback from parents.

This Lovenest Original model was designed by a French pediatrician. It’s made from soft, breathable materials to ensure plenty of airflow and a good night’s sleep.

It will fit just about any bouncer, chair, carry cot, travel bed, and their main bed. The manufacturer advises using it for newborns up to 6 months of age.

An excellent plagiocephaly pillow to help relieve pressure points on the skull. The heart shape is not only a nice design, it’s weighted perfectly to distribute the weight.

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Mipies Memory Foam Pillow for PlagiocephalyMipies Memory Foam Pillow for Plagiocephaly

This pillow from Mipies has an ergonomic design to cradle babies heads and help avoid those soft spots developing from putting too much pressure on the same spot.

It’s made with memory foam which means the pillow reacts to the weight from your baby’s head, I like it as a versatile material that works well in a pillow like this.

It’s also classed as hypoallergenic, so the materials and processes they go through to make this pillow are designed to reduce the chance of allergies as much as possible.

The sellers say that this pillow can be used up to 2 years old if necessary. It’s a one-size fits all, and the beauty of memory foam is that it’ll react to your child individual head shape.

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Mimos Flat Head Baby Pillow

Mimos Flat Head Baby PillowThis pillow from Mimos is clinically proven to help with flat head syndrome and the results have been published in the Health Journal.

Using this pillow reduces the pressure on your child’s head by 400%. Distributing the weight and reducing flat head syndrome.

The 3D spacer fabric has excellent airflow and has a TUV certification. Meaning it’s safe and soft on the skin, unlikely to cause allergies, and breathable.

They do have different sizes available. This model is intended for head circumferences between 36-46cm, if you have a child on the lower end of the size it’ll last a good few months before outgrown.

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BLH Newborn Plagiocephaly Pillow

BLH Newborn Plagiocephaly PillowThis pillow is constructed from high-quality memory foam for a supportive feel and finished with soft velvet cotton for a soft and comfortable touch.

The materials are breathable and suitable all year round, although memory foam is known for holding warmth but shouldn’t be a problem with a little head.

It’s recommended for babies from newborn up to 12 months and comes in blue, pink, and yellow. I like the design with the bear shape and ears, very cute!

With the hole, as opposed to some pillows that just have the indentation there will be less hair loss from friction. It’s also easy to pick up and use while traveling too.

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Lexikind Anti-Pressure Flat Head Prevention Pillow

Lexikind Anti-Pressure Flat Head Prevention PillowYou can see from the picture that this plagiocephaly pillow from Lexikind has a deeper groove than some of the others.

It’s going to keep your little one in position while on their back while relieving the pressure on the back of their head which is the main cause of flat head syndrome.

Feedback is very positive with many parents saying how the pillow helped restore the natural shape of their child’s head.

Most babies will grow out of the pillow at 6 months old. It’s available in several color options and washes easily at 30 degrees.

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