Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain: Relieve the Pain and Pressure

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain and Support

If you’re pregnant and experiencing back pain you’re not alone. Most pregnant women experience back pain of some kind during their pregnancy.

The good news is there are some things you can do to help manage the pain, and picking up the best pregnancy pillow for back pain is a great place to start.

Pregnancy or maternity pillows as they are also called can offer some relief from back pain. They are easy to use, a much better alternative to medicine for most women, and once you find the perfect sleeping position with one, you’ll want to hold on to it forever!

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Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Your back pain is almost certainly around the sacroiliac joint, which is the area where your spine and pelvis meet.

The most common reasons for this pain is usually down to one or more of the following:

Hormone Changes

Your body releases different hormones during pregnancy. One of which is relaxin, which as the name suggests causes some of your joints to relax and loosen in preparation of the upcoming birth.

The loosening around the spine is often responsible for the pain you’re feeling.

Weight Gain

You’re going to put on weight during pregnancy, and most likely more weight than your body has had to carry before.

Most women will gain between 20 – 40 lbs and this is all added weight for your spine to take. Combined with the other reasons for back pain it’s going to cause some discomfort for most women.

Changes in Posture

You will be changing posture while carrying a child, whether it’s deliberate or not. This change of posture puts pressure on your back in ways you have not experienced before and often causes back pain.


Stress can be a contributing factor to back pain. It’s often easier said than done when someone tells you not to get so stressed, but it’s something you need to try and manage if you want to reduce your back pain.

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow to Reduce Back Pain

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain

Being comfortable, especially while sleeping, can make a huge difference to the amount of back pain you feel though the night, and during the day.

Maternity pillows come in various shapes and sizes. However, the ‘U’ shape in some form is the most popular and is versatile enough to use in many different ways.

Pillows will usually come with some instructions showing you the various ways to use the pillow. Try a few of the different positions and see which works best for you and feels like it’s giving you the support your back needs.

You should be able to find a way to align your back while supporting your neck. You can also wrap the pillow around and under your bump to take some of the pressure.

Some people like to place one side of the ‘U’ between their knees to take some of the pressure here. You can also roll it behind you to stop you rolling in your sleep.

Reviews of the Best Maternity Pillows

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Big U Maternity Support Pillow

Big U Maternity Support Pillow

This Big U Maternity Pillow from Joysleep is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a pillow to support your back, hips, neck, legs, and shoulders.

You can relieve pressure from all these pressure points, and I can guarantee you’ll feel the difference when you wake up the next day.

You can use it in either direction, it comes down to your own body shape and personal preference.

The materials used are soft to the touch. It’s filled with a luxury non-allergenic filling, and the cover is easily removed and can be machine washed.

It’s available in a wide range of colors too so even the most picky among you who still put matching decor as a top priority will be satisfied.

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Bedding Direct UK Pregnancy Pillow

Bedding Direct UK Pregnancy Pillow

This ‘U’ shape maternity pillow from Bedding Direct is made here in the UK. It might just be the difference between a restless night and a great night’s sleep you’re looking for.

It’s long enough to wrap around the entire body of most women. Measuring 10 feet in length, with each leg of the pillow being around 150cm.

The outer cover is soft cotton, and it’s available in a few different colors. The filling is a soft, spiral hollowfibre, and the pillow is machine washable.

The size and shape of this pillow allows you to support your entire body. Giving you relief from all the pressure points currently causing you pain and discomfort.

Don’t be afraid to bend and twist the pillow into any direction you want, that’s what it’s designed for. It offers excellent relief from back pain.

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Lancashire Textiles Big C U Pregnancy Pillow

Lancashire Textiles Big C U Pregnancy Pillow

This oversized total full body pregnancy pillow from Lancashire Textiles provides support to your neck, legs, back, and shoulders.

The soft blended cotton provides a soft and relaxing feel against your body, while the premium hollowfibre filling feels like you’re floating on a cloud – exactly what you want after a long day!

It’s also beneficial for other health conditions, such as acid reflux, allowing you to sleep in a position that can reduce this condition, and relieve pressure on your arms to reduce tingling and numbness.

The combination of quality materials, the ‘U’ shape that has become the ideal shape to relieve back pain and other maternity aches and pains, and the soft, luxury feel makes this pillow a smart choice.

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5 in 1 Maternity Pregnancy Pillow

5 in 1 Maternity Pregnancy Pillow

This maternity pillow is called a ‘5 in 1’ due to the 5 different positions you can use it in. The number of positions are almost limitless really, you can bend and use it in any way that works for you.

It does what it’s intended to, providing support and relieving pressure all over your body. A lot of women keep on using it as a breastfeeding support pillow after the birth too.

The materials are high-quality, feel nice and soft and cozy, and you’ll find it provides comfort as much as it does support helping you get a better night’s sleep.

At 160cm x 25cm x 9cm it’s a huge pillow. The pattern might not be to everyone’s taste, check out the other pillows reviewed here if you want a plain cover.

A great all-round option. You’ll find a sleeping position to relieve your back pain, support other pressure points on your body, and most importantly find a comfortable position to sleep or relax in.

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Queen Rose U-Shape Pregnancy Support Pillow

Queen Rose U Shape Pregnancy Support Pillow

This pregnancy pillow from Queen Rose is a little different to the standard ‘U’ shape design. It’s actually been designed to work with the contours of a pregnant woman, perfect as that’s what you’re looking for!

It’s a versatile pillow that you can use long after your pregnancy. It’s great for watching TV, sitting up in bed, and tending to general aches and pains.

As for pregnancy related issues. You can improve blood circulation, take pressure off your legs and feet to reduce swelling, relieve back pain, and much more.

It’s known to be durable and long-lasting. The 100% cotton cover is nice and soft, it zips off and can be put through a wash, and the filling is soft while providing excellent support.

It’s available in blue, pink, and multicolored. One of the best pregnancy pillows on the market and certainly worth a closer look.

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