Best Tempurpedic Pillow Reviews: Luxury, Comfort, and Support

Best Tempurpedic Pillow Reviews

Tempur is a brand in bedding world that is synonymous with quality, support, and value.

In this article, I’ve reviewed some of the best Tempurpedic pillows available. Each designed to provide the very best support to every contour of your neck, shoulders, and head, to provide that perfect night’s sleep.

So if you’re after the very best pillow to give you that perfect night’s sleep, read on and see which of these Tempur-pedic pillows ticks all the boxes for you.

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Benefits of Tempur-Pedic Pillows

Tempur-pedic pillows are made with Visco-elastic foam. This foam is excellent at conforming to the contours of your body while retaining its shape and lasting for many years.

Visco-elastic foam, along with the other manufacturing techniques and materials used in Tempur-pedic pillows separate them far from ‘average’.

Here are some of the unique benefits to sleeping on a Tempur pillow:

Excellent Support

The main consideration when choosing a pillow has to be the quality of support the pillow offers.

Tempur-pedic pillows are excellent at supporting your head, neck, and keeping your spine properly aligned.

If your current pillow is giving you aches and pains you’ll notice the difference after the first night. Pillows not supporting your sleeping position properly result in added strain on your muscles and vertebrae.

While they may cost more than other pillows, this is money well spent when it’s improving your health and the quality of your sleep.


Tempur-pedic pillows are hypoallergenic. Bedding and pillows in particular, tend to attract allergens like dander, mold, and dust mites.

You might not even be aware of this, but if you’re sleeping on a non-hypoallergenic pillow you could be compromising your sleep.

In my opinion, there is no reason to settle for anything less than hypoallergenic pillows. It’s a safer and more hygienic way to sleep.


When you’re investing in a good pillow you want value for money, which means your pillow is going to last a long time. I also like to keep the same pillow after I’ve become used to it.

You can expect your Tempur pillow to last several years if you care for it properly. Even as long as 10 years, which means you’re going to get consistency from a sleeping position that works well for you.

Compared to regular memory foam the Visco-elastic foam used in Tempur pillows means they retain their shape a lot longer. Therefore maintaining the level of support a lot longer.

Tips When Choosing a Tempurpedic Pillow

When choosing the best pillow for you there are a few things you need to consider, the main two points are:

Sleeping position – If you’re a side sleeper then you need a thick pillow, possibly with contours if you’re comfortable sleeping on a contour pillow.

If you’re a stomach sleeper then you need a slim profile pillow. Measure the pillow you’re currently using as a gauge to what you’re looking for.

Firmness – Although support comes first, you do have some room for preference when deciding how firm you want your pillow to be.

The foam and materials used in Tempur products tend to mean their pillows are firmer than a typical pillow. They grade their pillows soft, medium, and firm, so choose the firmness that works best for you.

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Tempur Traditional Pillow – Soft

Tempur Traditional Pillow - SoftThis pillow is from the Tempur range of traditional pillows. This range includes pillows with a traditional pillow size and shape. But made with the Tempur materials that give their pillows a unique and recognizable feel.

Not only is this pillow hypoallergenic so it’s safe to sleep on and will keep all allergy irritations to a minimum. It meets Oeko-Tex standards, so it’s been tested for any signs of harmful substances.

Some people prefer the traditional shape as they can use all their pillowcases and enjoy the look and feel. This is one of their soft pillows, so while still providing a high-level of support and comfort it has a soft feel.

It comes with a 100% cotton removable cover washable at 60 degrees C so you can keep your pillow in top shape for many years.

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Tempur Original Sleeping Pillow

Tempur Original Sleeping PillowTempur make a range of excellent contour ergonomic pillows. This Original Sleeping Pillow is one of their best from this range and will give side sleepers in particular excellent support while sleeping.

The two contours allow back sleepers to find a position that will also support their neck in this position. Everyone has different needs and contours, so the combination of the contoured pillow and reactive foam helps it mold to almost any body shape.

Reducing aches and pains is pretty much guaranteed. Some people have reported their breathing problems or snoring has lessened due to using this pillow which is another welcome benefit that may apply to you.

The soft fabric cover is machine washable and quick drying. Be sure to dry it out naturally and only use again when completely dry.

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Tempur Comfort Pillow Cloud

Tempur Comfort Pillow CloudThe Tempur-cloud pillow is filled with specially developed Tempur ES (extra soft) material. This pillow has a divine balance of support and a soft, luxury feel.

One of the most common complaints about Tempur pillows is that they are a little too firm, even though this is often necessary to provide this level of support.

The Cloud is a lot softer, and the dual-sided cover gives it a soft feel to the touch and helps make the whole experience a lot more comfortable.

It’s a classic rectangular shape. You can fluff and mold this pillow to the exact shape you want when sleeping too, it’s not set in its shape like some of the firmer pillows.

Fully washable cover, Oeko-Tex certified, hypoallergenic, all the features you expect from a Tempur pillow to ensure the best possible night’s sleep.

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Tempur-Pedic Contour Neck Pillow

Tempur-Pedic Contour Neck PillowThis Tempur-pedic neck pillow features their ergonomic design that although just looks like another contour pillow, is actually a carefully designed and crafted pillow to give maximum support.

It’s great at relieving pressure on the pressure points in the neck and shoulders. Start by trying the largest contour across your neck when sleeping on your side, and turn it round if you sleep on your back.

It’s temperature and weight sensitive. So, everyone will experience a different feel unique to themselves. That’s probably the best feature of Tempur pillows, no two pillows are alike, and everyone gets the support they need.

The cover zips off for easy washing and care. It’s a 75% cotton and 25% polyester mix, lovely and soft to the touch and should last for the lifetime of the pillow.

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Tempur-Cloud Soft and Conforming Pillow

Tempur-Cloud Soft and Conforming PillowThis Tempur-cloud soft and conforming pillow is designed for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Made from a single piece of Tempur material it offers excellent support.

Because it conforms to the weight and shape of the user, it supports the head, neck, and shoulders perfectly regardless of your size and weight.

It works with any sleep position, something a lot of pillows can’t claim. The Tempur material is very durable and will keep its shape for many years.

The removable cotton quilted cover makes it easy to keep your pillow clean and fresh. It’s a 100% cotton quilted cover, with a 50% cotton 50% polyester backing.

It comes with a 5-year limited warranty too. So you can sleep easy knowing if there are any issues the manufacturer will address it.

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