What Makes a Good Pillow

Pillows are an important part of your bed set-up. They can be the difference between a great night’s sleep, and a bad night’s sleep. Not to mention the neck and back pains you can experience if you are sleeping on a pillow with poor support. So what makes a good pillow, and more importantly what makes a pillow the perfect choice for you.

Pillows can resolve snoring, stop allergic reactions, solve back and neck pain, and make your face look younger. That’s right, even help you look a little younger if you have a pillow that helps the blood circulation in your face.

For example, bamboo pillows have a range of positive health properties. Along with being incredibly comfortable, durable, and soft while still supporting weight.

With all of this in mind it should be more than worth a little extra time and money to find the perfect pillow for you. I say for ‘you’, because everyone has different needs and requirements. You can’t just buy a comfy feather filled pillow and expect to have the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

The Importance of Supporting Your Neck and Spine

Our necks naturally curve forward slightly to carry the weight of our heads. A small adjustment to this position in any direction throws off the balance of our bodies and will result in developing pain and discomfort.

It’s important to maintain this natural curve when lying in bed. This is where our pillows play a huge part in keeping our heads at a comfortable level. If you have stayed in a hotel or somewhere else a pillow completely unsuited to your neck position you will know what I am talking about. Waking up with a creek in your neck is incredibly uncomfortable I’m sure you’ll agree.

If the pillow is too high up, your neck will be bent too far to the side of forward depending on if you’re sleeping on your side or back. This puts the muscles under strain and will cause that tightness in the morning.

An unnatural angle like this can also cause the windpipe to be obstructed. Resulting in compromised breathing, making someone snore or just interrupting their sleep. The same problems can result from a pillow that is too flat.

There are a lot of individual factors to take into account when finding the perfect pillow. You need to look at your mattress, weight, and the position that you sleep in. You should experiment with one or more pillows to find the ideal height to support your head before sleeping.

Your head should be in a similar position to when you are standing up in relation to its angle and distance from your shoulders.

Finding a Comfortable Pillow

It’s possible to find a comfortable pillow that offers all the support you need. Finding a soft and fluffy pillow isn’t necessarily comfortable, and it’s unlikely to offer enough support.

You should be looking for a pillow with a material on the surface that feels comfortable to the touch first of all. Laying your head and face on a comfortable surface is going to help you get to sleep, and sleep well.

You can of course use a good pillowcase, but you should be looking for a comfortable pillow too. The filling comes down to personal choice, try out a few different types in a store and get a good feel for the differences.

Finding a comfortable pillow with all the necessary support is possible. You just need to take the time to try out some different types and find one that ticks all the boxes.

Pillows Should Be Able to Adjust

The mark of a quality pillow is its ability to adjust to your own contours and then either return to its resting position or hold a good shape like memory foam. What a pillow should not do is sag and degrade after just a few months of use.

If your pillow need a lot of fluffing to plump up its shape, and even then it just starts to sag, it’s near the end of its life. Don’t leave it until you have some serious neck pain before replacing your pillow. If it’s two years old or showing signs of wear, change it sooner rather than later.

So, Is That What Makes a Good Pillow?

Yes, all of the above mentioned points and requirements. Remember a pillow should be a personal item. It should suit you, be unique to you, and become an important part of your sleeping habits.